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Delin Chu
Chu, D.
Chu, D.L.
Chlj, D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A canonical form for the inclusion principle of dynamic systemsChu, D. ; Siljak, D.D.
22008A canonical form for the inclusion principle of dynamic systemsChu, D. ; Šiljak, D.D.
3Dec-2001A case study for the open question: Disturbance decoupling problem for singular systems by output feedbackChu, D. 
4Oct-2003A constraint optimization problem in singular control theory: Where is the nearest non-index-at-most-one matrix pencil?Chu, D. 
52007A dual optimization approach to inverse quadratic eigenvalue problems with partial eigenstructureBai, Z.-J.; Chu, D. ; Sun, D. 
62006A matrix pencil approach to the row by row decoupling problem for descriptor systemsChu, D. ; Hung, Y.S.
7Jul-2002A new algorithm for an eigenvalue assignment problem from singular control theoryChu, D. ; Ho, D.W.C.
8Apr-2010A new and fast implementation for null space based linear discriminant analysisChu, D. ; Thye, G.S. 
92010A new and fast orthogonal linear discriminant analysis on undersampled problemsChu, D. ; Goh, S.T. 
10Oct-2006A novel numerical method for exact model matching problem with stabilityChu, D. ; Van Dooren, P.
112012A numerical design of interactors for general descriptor systemsChu, D. ; Hung, Y.S.
122006A numerical method for a generalized algebraic Riccati equationChu, D. ; Lin, W.-W.; Tan, R.C.E. 
13Jan-2007A numerical method for computing the Hamiltonian Schur formChu, D. ; Liu, X.; Mehrmann, V.
1415-Nov-2000A numerical solution for the simultaneous disturbance decoupling and row-by-row decoupling problemChu, D. ; Hung, Y.S.
15Nov-2004A numerically reliable solution for the squaring-down problem in system designChu, D. ; Hung, Y.S.
16Jul-2003A QR-type reduction for computing the SVD of a general matrix product/quotientChu, D. ; De Lathauwer, L.; De Moor, B.
172008Algebraic characterizations for positive realness of descriptor systemsChu, D. ; Tan, R.C.E. 
182007Bilateral obstacle control problem of parabolic variational inequalitiesChen, Q.; Chu, D. ; Tan, R.C.E. 
192011Characterization of all solutions for undersampled uncorrelated linear discriminant analysis problemsChu, D. ; Goh, S.T. ; Hung, Y.S.
202006Computation of the (j, j′)-lossless factorization for general rational matricesChu, D. ; Ho, D.W.C.