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Sun Defeng
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Sun, D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A dual optimization approach to inverse quadratic eigenvalue problems with partial eigenstructureBai, Z.-J.; Chu, D. ; Sun, D. 
22018A Fast Globally Linearly Convergent Algorithm for the Computation of Wasserstein BarycentersYang, Lei ; Li, Jia; Sun Defeng ; Toh, Kim-Chuan 
3Dec-2002A feasible semismooth asymptotically Newton method for mixed complementarity problemsSun, D. ; Womersley, R.S.; Qi, H.
4May-2001A further result on an implicit function theorem for locally Lipschitz functionsSun, D. 
52010A newton-cg augmented lagrangian method for semidefinite programmingZhao, X.-Y.; Sun, D. ; Toh, K.-C. 
61-Jan-2002A primal-dual algorithm for minimizing a sum of Euclidean normsQi, L.; Sun, D. ; Zhou, G.
72013A proximal point algorithm for log-determinant optimization with group Lasso regularizationYang, J.; Sun, D. ; Toh, K.-C. 
82006A quadratically convergent newton method for computing the nearest correlation matrixQi, H.; Sun, D. 
9Oct-2006A smoothing newton-type algorithm of stronger convergence for the quadratically constrained convex quadratic programmingHuang, Z.-H.; Sun, D. ; Zhao, G. 
102004A squared smoothing Newton method for nonsmooth matrix equations and its applications in semidefinite optimization problemsSun, J. ; Sun, D. ; Liqun, Q.I.
11Apr-2011An augmented Lagrangian dual approach for the H-weighted nearest correlation matrix problemQi, H.; Sun, D. 
12Jun-2012An implementable proximal point algorithmic framework for nuclear norm minimizationLiu, Y.-J.; Sun, D. ; Toh, K.-C. 
132012An inexact accelerated proximal gradient method for large scale linearly constrained convex SDPJiang, K.; Sun, D. ; Toh, K.-C. 
142009Calibrating least squares semidefinite programming with equality and inequality constraintsGao, Y.; Sun, D. 
152003Complementarity functions and numerical experiments on some smoothing Newton methods for second-order-cone complementarity problemsChen, X.D.; Sun, D. ; Sun, J. 
162008Constraint nondegeneracy, strong regularity, and nonsingularity in semidefinite programmingChan, Z.X.; Sun, D. 
17Mar-2010Correlation stress testing for value-at-risk: An unconstrained convex optimization approachQi, H.; Sun, D. 
1817-May-2018Fast Algorithms for Large-Scale Generalized Distance Weighted DiscriminationXin Yee Lam; J. S. Marron; Defeng Sun ; Kim-Chuan Toh 
19Nov-2003Globally and quadratically convergent algorithm for minimizing the sum of Euclidean normsZhou, G.; Toh, K.C. ; Sun, D. 
202013Hankel matrix rank minimization with applications to system identification and realizationMaryam, F.; Pong, T.K.; Sun, D. ; Tseng, P.