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121-Nov-2018A spatially smoothed device model for meso-structured perovskite solar cellsXue, H ; Birgersson, E ; Stangl, R 
21-Dec-2020Author Correction: Embedding physics domain knowledge into a Bayesian network enables layer-by-layer process innovation for photovoltaics (npj Computational Materials, (2020), 6, 1, (9), 10.1038/s41524-020-0277-x)Ren, Z ; Oviedo, F; Thway, M ; Tian, SIP; Wang, Y ; Xue, H ; Perea, JD; Layurova, M; Heumueller, T; Birgersson, E ; Aberle, AG ; Brabec, CJ; Stangl, R ; Li, Q ; Sun, S; Lin, F ; Peters, IM ; Buonassisi, T
31-Mar-2019Correlating variability of modeling parameters with photovoltaic performance: Monte Carlo simulation of a meso-structured perovskite solar cellXue, H ; Birgersson, E ; Stangl, R 
428-Sep-2020Elucidating the functional form of the recombination losses in a planar perovskite solar cell: A scaling analysisXue, Hansong ; Stangl, Rolf ; Birgersson, Erik 
5Jan-2022Elucidating the underlying physics in a two-terminal all-perovskite tandem solar cell: A guideline towards 30% power conversion efficiencyZhao, Xinhai ; Tan, Hu Quee; Birgersson, Erik; Xue, Hansong 
631-Jan-2020Embedding physics domain knowledge into a Bayesian network enables layer-by-layer process innovation for photovoltaicsRen, Z. ; Oviedo, F.; Thway, M. ; Tian, S.I.P.; Wang, Y.; Xue, H. ; Dario Perea, J.; Layurova, M.; Heumueller, T.; Birgersson, E. ; Aberle, A.G. ; Brabec, C.J.; Stangl, R. ; Li, Q. ; Sun, S.; Lin, F. ; Peters, I.M.; Buonassisi, T.
720-Jan-2022Monolithic perovskite/organic tandem solar cells with 23.6% efficiency enabled by reduced voltage losses and optimized interconnecting layerChen, Wei; Zhu, Yudong; Xiu, Jingwei; Chen, Guocong; Liang, Haoming; Liu, Shunchang ; Xue, Hansong ; Birgersson, Erik ; Ho, Jian Wei ; Qin, Xinshun; Lin, Jingyang; Ma, Ruijie; Liu, Tao; He, Yanling; Ng, Alan Man-Ching; Guo, Xugang; He, Zhubing; Yan, He; Djurišić, Aleksandra B; Hou, Yi 
81-Jan-2022Optimizing bifacial all-perovskite tandem solar cell: How to balance light absorption and recombinationTan, Hu Quee; Zhao, Xinhai ; Jiao, Aoran; Birgersson, Erik ; Xue, Hansong 
9Mar-2021Optoelectronic modeling and sensitivity analysis of a four-terminal all-perovskite tandem solar cell – Identifying pathways to improve efficiencyTan, Hu Quee; Zhao, Xinhai ; Birgersson, Erik ; Lin, Fen ; Xue, Hansong