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126-Nov-201821.6% monoPoly <sup>TM</sup> cells with in-situ interfacial oxide and poly-Si layers deposited by inline PECVDNandakumar, N ; Rodriguez, J ; Kluge, T; Grosse, T; Landgraf, D; Balaji, N ; Esber, M ; Padhamnath, P ; Duttagupta, S 
21-Feb-2019Approaching 23% with large-area monoPoly cells using screen-printed and fired rear passivating contacts fabricated by inline PECVDNandakumar, Naomi ; Rodriguez, John ; Kluge, Thomas; Grosse, Thomas; Fondop, Lauretta; Padhamnath, Pradeep ; Balaji, Nagarajan ; Koenig, Marcel; Duttagupta, Shubham 
324-Oct-2019CHARACTERIZATION OF FIRE-THROUGH PASTES ON LPCVD BASED PASSIVATING CONTACTS IN monoPolyTM SOLAR CELLSPadhamnath Pradeep ; Buatis, Kitz ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Nampalli, Nitin ; Nagarajan, Balaji ; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Aberle, Armin ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
415-May-2020Characterization of screen printed and fire-through contacts on LPCVD based passivating contacts in monoPoly (TM) solar cellsPradeep Padhamnath ; Jammaal Kitz Buatis ; Ankit Khanna ; Nitin Nampalli ; Naomi Nandakumar ; Vinodh Shanmugam ; Armin G. Aberle ; Shubham Duttagupta 
520-May-2019Design, fabrication, and analysis of double-layer antireflection coatings (ARC) for industrial bifacial n-type crystalline silicon solar cellsYan, Xia ; Chen, Ning ; Bin Suhaimi, Firdaus ; Zhang, Lin; Gong, Xinxin; Zhang, Xinyu; Duttagupta, Shubham 
69-Sep-2019Development of Bifacial n-Type Front-and-Back Contact Cells with Phosphorus Back Surface Field via Mask-Free ApproachesChen, Ning ; Wang, Er-Chien; Yan, Xia ; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Nagarajan, Balaji; Zhang, Lin; Gong, Xinxin; Zhang, Xinyu; Wang, Qi; Jin, Hao; Duttagupta, Shubham 
75-May-2020Development of High-Efficiency n-Type Front and Back Contact Passivated Emitter and Rear Locally Diffused Solar Cells Using Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Phosphosilicate Glass and Laser ProcessingYan, Xia ; Chen, Ning ; Bin Suhaimi, Firdaus ; Zhang, Xinyu; Wang, Qi; Jin, Hao; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
81-Apr-2020Development of thin polysilicon layers for application in monoPoly (TM) cells with screen-printed and fired metallizationPradeep Padhamnath ; Ankit Khanna ; Naomi Nandakumar ; Nitin Nampalli ; Vinodh Shanmugam ; Armin G. Aberle ; Shubham Duttagupta 
91-Jun-2020Development of ultra-thin doped poly-Si via LPCVD and ex-situ tube diffusion for passivated contact solar cell applicationsYan, Xia ; Bin Suhaimi, Firdaus ; Xu, Menglei; Yang, Jie; Zhang, Xinyu; Wang, Qi; Jin, Hao; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
102012Device characteristics and parameters of high performance long-channel Ge pMOSFETs with different channel-orientationsDutta Gupta, S. ; Biswas, A.; Mitard, J.; Eneman, G.; De Jaeger, B.; Meuris, M.; Heyns, M.M.
111-Jan-2018High-quality doped polycrystalline silicon using low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD)Padhamnath, P ; Nandakumar, N ; Kitz, BJ ; Balaji, N ; Naval, MJ ; Shanmugam, V ; Duttagupta, S 
12Sep-2021Impact of firing temperature on fire-through metal contacts to P-doped (n) and B-doped (p) poly-SiPADHAMNATH PRADEEP ; Khanna, Ankit ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Aberle, Armin G ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
13Jun-2019Impact of Light Soaking on p‐ Type Boron‐ and Indium‐Doped Passivated Emitter and Rear Solar Cells on Czochralski‐Grown SiliconBalaji, Nagarajan; SHANMUGAM VINODH ; SAMUEL RAJ ; JAFFAR MOIDEEN YACOB ALI ; AGUILAR MA LUISA ORTEGA ; ISON JEFFREY GARCIA ; JOHN WOODROFEE RODRIGUEZ ; ABERLE,ARMIN GERHARD ; SHUBHAM DUTTAGUPTA 
141-Mar-2019Impact of the manufacturing process on the reverse-bias characteristics of high-efficiency n-type bifacial silicon wafer solar cellsShanmugam, Vinodh ; Chen, Ning ; Yan, Xia ; Khanna, Ankit ; Nagarajan, Balaji ; Rodriguez, John ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Knauss, Holger; Haverkamp, Helge; Aberle, Armin ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
1526-Nov-2018Initial Results of monoPolyTM Silicon Solar Cells at SERISDuttagupta, S ; Nandakumar, N ; Stangl, R ; Aberle, AG 
161-Feb-2019Investigation of phosphorus diffused back surface field (BSF) in bifacial nFAB solar cellsYan, Xia ; Wang, Er-Chien ; Chen, Ning ; Zhang, Lin; Gong, Xinxin; Zhang, Xinyu; Duttagupta, Shubham 
1715-Jun-2019Investigation of polysilicon passivated contact's resilience to potential-induced degradationLUO WEI ; CHEN NING ; KE CANGMING ; WANG YAN ; ABERLE,ARMIN GERHARD ; SEERAM RAMAKRISHNA ; SHUBHAM DUTTAGUPTA ; KHOO YONG SHENG 
181-Jul-2020Investigation of Potential-Induced Degradation in Bifacial n-PERL ModulesLuo, Wei ; Chen, Ning ; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Yan, Xia ; Duttagupta, Shubham ; Wang, Yan ; Aberle, Armin G ; Khoo, Yong Sheng 
1920-Mar-2022Large-area monoPoly solar cells on 110 μm thin c–Si wafers with a rear n+poly-Si/SiOx stack deposited by inline plasmaenhanced chemical vapour depositionNaomi Nandakumar ; John Woodrofee Rodriguez ; PADHAMNATH PRADEEP ; NITIN NAMPALLI ; Aberle,Armin Gerhard ; Shubham Duttagupta 
201-Apr-2019Metal contact recombination in monoPoly (TM) solar cells with screen-printed & fire-through contactsPadhamnath, Pradeep ; Wong, Johnson ; Nagarajan, Balaji ; Buatis, Jammaal Kitz ; Ortega, Luisa Ma ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Khanna, Ankit ; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Duttagupta, Shubham