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115-May-2020Characterization of screen printed and fire-through contacts on LPCVD based passivating contacts in monoPoly (TM) solar cellsPradeep Padhamnath ; Jammaal Kitz Buatis ; Ankit Khanna ; Nitin Nampalli ; Naomi Nandakumar ; Vinodh Shanmugam ; Armin G. Aberle ; Shubham Duttagupta 
26-Jul-2020Comparative Study of the Electrical Parameters of Individual Solar Cells in a c-Si Module Extracted Using Indoor and Outdoor Electroluminescence ImagingAmit Singh Rajput ; Yin Zhang ; Carlos D. Rodriguez-Gallegos ; Ankit Khanna ; Prabir Kanti Basu ; Srinath Nalluri ; Jai Prakash Singh 
31-Sep-2019Development of nanoparticle copper screen printing pastes for silicon heterojunction solar cellsTeo, Boon Heng ; Khanna, Ankit ; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Aguilar, Ma Luisa Ortega ; Delos Santos, Maryknol Estrada ; Chua, Darius Jin Wen; Chang, Wei-Chen; Mueller, Thomas 
41-Apr-2020Development of thin polysilicon layers for application in monoPoly (TM) cells with screen-printed and fired metallizationPradeep Padhamnath ; Ankit Khanna ; Naomi Nandakumar ; Nitin Nampalli ; Vinodh Shanmugam ; Armin G. Aberle ; Shubham Duttagupta 
5Sep-2021Impact of firing temperature on fire-through metal contacts to P-doped (n) and B-doped (p) poly-SiPADHAMNATH PRADEEP ; Khanna, Ankit ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Aberle, Armin G ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
61-Mar-2019Impact of the manufacturing process on the reverse-bias characteristics of high-efficiency n-type bifacial silicon wafer solar cellsShanmugam, Vinodh ; Chen, Ning ; Yan, Xia ; Khanna, Ankit ; Nagarajan, Balaji ; Rodriguez, John ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Knauss, Holger; Haverkamp, Helge; Aberle, Armin ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
71-Apr-2019Metal contact recombination in monoPoly (TM) solar cells with screen-printed & fire-through contactsPadhamnath, Pradeep ; Wong, Johnson ; Nagarajan, Balaji ; Buatis, Jammaal Kitz ; Ortega, Luisa Ma ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Khanna, Ankit ; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
815-Jan-2021Pathways for efficiency improvements of industrial PERC silicon solar cellsBalaji, N ; Lai, D ; Shanmugam, V ; Basu, PK ; Khanna, A ; Duttagupta, S ; Aberle, AG 
91-Dec-2020Progress in screen-printed metallization of industrial solar cells with SiO<inf>x</inf>/poly-Si passivating contactsPADHAMNATH PRADEEP ; ANKIT KHANNA ; Balaji, N; SHANMUGAM VINODH ; NAOMI NANDAKUMAR ; Wang, D; Sun, Q; Huang, M; Huang, S; Fan, B; Ding, B; ABERLE,ARMIN GERHARD ; SHUBHAM DUTTAGUPTA