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Wai Kin Chim
Chim, W.-K.
Chim, W.K.
Chim Wai Kin

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A MONOS-type flash memory using a high-k HfAlO charge trapping layerTan, Y.N.; Chim, W.K. ; Cho, B.J. ; Choi, W.K. 
2Jun-1996A neural-network-based local-field-effect correction scheme for quantitative voltage contrast measurements in the scanning electron microscopeChim, W.K. 
3Jul-1997A new DC drain-current-conductance method (DCCM) for the characterization of effective mobilty (ueff) and series resistances (Rs, Rd) of fresh and hot-carrier stressed graded junction MOSFET'sLou, C.L.; Chim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Pan, Y.
4Oct-1995A new gate current measurement technique for the characterization of hot-carrier induced degradation in MOSFETsLeang, S.E.; Chim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. 
51995A novel correction scheme for quantitative voltage contrast measurements using low extraction fields in the scanning electron microscopeChim, W.K. 
6Mar-2006Accurate modeling of the effects of fringing area interface traps on scanning capacitance microscopy measurementHong, Y.D.; Yeow, Y.T.; Chim, W.K. ; Yan, J.; Wong, K.M. 
71-May-2011Ambiguity in the magnitude and direction of the derived interface dipole in lanthanum aluminate heterostructures: Implications and proposed solutionLiu, Z.Q.; Chim, W.K. ; Chiam, S.Y.; Pan, J.S.; Ng, C.M.
81994An analytical model for scanning electron microscope Type I magnetic contrast with energy filteringChim, W.K. 
91-Nov-1997An analytical model for Type I magnetic contrast enhancement with sample tiltingChim, W.K. 
10Jun-1995An application of spectroscopic emission microscopy and cathodoluminescence to the failure analysis of near-infrared light emitting diodesPey, K.L.; Chim, W.K. ; Koh, L.S.; Liu, Y.Y.; Chew, S.Y.C. 
11Jun-1993An energy dependent model for type I magnetic contrast in the scanning electron microscopeChim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Phang, J.C.H. ; Low, T.S. ; Thirumalai, S.
121999An improved drain-current-conductance method with substrate back-biasingTan, C.B.; Chim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Lou, C.L.
1314-Sep-2012An interface dipole predictive model for high-k dielectric/semiconductor heterostructures using the concept of the dipole neutrality pointLiu, Z.Q.; Chim, W.K. ; Chiam, S.Y.; Pan, J.S.; Ng, C.M.
141997Analysis and quantification of device spectral signatures observed using a spectroscopic photon emission microscopeTao, J.M. ; Chim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Phang, J.C.H. ; Liu, Y.Y.
15May-2001Analysis of the DCIV peaks in electrically stressed pMOSFETsJie, B.B.; Chim, W.K. ; Li, M.-F. ; Lo, K.F.
1623-Oct-2000Anomalous positive charge trapping in thin nitrided oxides under high-field impulse stressingLim, P.S.; Chim, W.K. 
17Sep-1995Atomic and magnetic force microscopy imaging of thin-film recording headsChim, W.K. 
182008Band alignment of yttrium oxide on various relaxed and strained semiconductor substratesChiam, S.Y.; Chim, W.K. ; Pi, C.; Huan, A.C.H.; Wang, S.J.; Pan, J.S.; Turner, S.; Zhang, J.
191-May-2013Band gap, band offsets and dielectric constant improvement by addition of yttrium into lanthanum aluminateLiu, Z.Q.; Chim, W.K. ; Chiam, S.Y.; Pan, J.S.; Ng, C.M.
20Mar-1994Building-in reliability for silver die attached light emitting diodesChim, W.K. ; Chong, K.Y.