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Ling Chung Ho
(not current staff)
Ling, C.-H.
Ling, C.
Ling, C.H.
Ling, Chung Ho
Ling, Chung-Ho


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998A comparison of hot-carrier degradation in tungsten polycide gate and poly gate p-MOSFETsAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
2Dec-2002A comprehensive study of indium implantation-induced damage in deep submicrometer nMOSFET: Device characterization and damage assessmentLiao, H.; Ang, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
3Jul-1984A diffusion model for carrier transport in a polycrystalline filmLing, C.H. 
415-May-1998A model for minority carrier lifetime variation in the oxide-silicon structure following 253.7 nm ultraviolet irradiationCheng, Z.Y. ; Ling, C.H. 
51999A Modified Lucky Electron Model for Impact lonization Rate in NMOSFET's at 77 KLing, C.H. ; See, L.K.
6Jun-1997A new assessment of the self-limiting hot-carrier degradation in LDD NMOSFET's by charge pumping measurementAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
7Mar-1999A New Model for the Post-Stress Interface Trap Generation in Hot-Carrier Stressed P-MOSFET'sAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
8Jan-1998A novel experimental technique for the lateral profiling of oxide and interface state charges in hot-hole degraded N-MOSFET'sAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
9Sep-2003A reassessment of ac hot-carrier degradation in deep-submicrometer LDD N-MOSFETAng, D.S.; Ling, C.H. 
102000A steady state drain current technique for generation and recombination lifetime measurement in the SOI MOSFETCheng, Z.Y. ; Ling, C.H. 
11Nov-2008A time-dependent technique for carrier recombination and generation lifetime measurement in SOI MOSFETZhang, G.; Yoo, W.J.; Ling, C.H. 
121998A unified model for the self-limiting hot-carrier degradation in LDD n-MOSFET'sAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
131-Dec-1997An improved analysis for the determination of trap levels in silicon from laser microwave photoconductive decay measurementsLing, C.H. ; Cheng, Z.Y. 
141994Analysis of the variation in the field-dependent behavior of thermally oxidized tantalum oxide filmsChoi, W.K. ; Ling, C.H. 
15Dec-2000Annealing of Fowler-Nordheim stress-induced leakage currents in thin silicon dioxide filmsAng, C.H.; Ling, C.H. ; Cheng, Z.Y. ; Kim, S.J. ; Cho, B.J. 
161992Capacitance-voltage measurements on MOS capacitors fabricated on polycrystalline silicon wafersLing, C.H. ; Tay, T.M.
17Nov-1992Characterization of charge trapping in submicrometer NMOSFET's by gate capacitance measurementsLing, C.H. ; Yeow, Y.T.; Ah, L.K.
182000Characterization of leakage current in thin gate oxide subjected to 10 KeV X-ray irradiationLing, C.H. ; Ang, C.H.; Ang, D.S. 
19May-1992Characterization of rf-sputtered yttrium oxide filmsLing, C. ; Bhaskaran, J.; Choi, W. 
201998Charge trapping in interpoly ONO filmLira, K.S.; Ling, C.H.