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Ang Diing Shenp
Ang, D.S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998A comparison of hot-carrier degradation in tungsten polycide gate and poly gate p-MOSFETsAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
2Dec-2002A comprehensive study of indium implantation-induced damage in deep submicrometer nMOSFET: Device characterization and damage assessmentLiao, H.; Ang, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
3Jun-1997A new assessment of the self-limiting hot-carrier degradation in LDD NMOSFET's by charge pumping measurementAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
4Nov-2001A new insight into the degradation behavior of the LDD N-MOSFET during dynamic hot-carrier stressingAng, D.S. 
5Mar-1999A New Model for the Post-Stress Interface Trap Generation in Hot-Carrier Stressed P-MOSFET'sAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
6Jan-1998A novel experimental technique for the lateral profiling of oxide and interface state charges in hot-hole degraded N-MOSFET'sAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
71998A unified model for the self-limiting hot-carrier degradation in LDD n-MOSFET'sAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
82000Characterization of leakage current in thin gate oxide subjected to 10 KeV X-ray irradiationLing, C.H. ; Ang, C.H.; Ang, D.S. 
9Aug-1995Effects of measurement frequency and temperature anneal on differential gate capacitance spectra observed in hot carrier stressed MOSFET'sLing, C.H. ; Ang, D.S. ; Tan, S.E.
101-Dec-1996Effects of tungsten polycidation on the hot-carrier degradation in buried-channel LDD p-MOSFET'sAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
111996Effects of tungsten silicidation on Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling current and charge trapping in polysilicon-oxide-silicon capacitorsLing, C.H. ; Ooi, J.A.; Ang, D.S. 
1215-Feb-1996Extraction of channel length in 0.1 μm NMOSFET by gate to drain capacitanceLing, C.H. ; Ang, D.S. ; Dutoit, M.
13Nov-2001Generation-recombination noise in the near fully depleted SIMOX N-MOSFET operating in the linear regionAng, D.S. ; Lun, Z. ; Ling, C.H. 
14Jul-1994Hot-electron degradation in NMOSFET's: Results from temperature annealLing, C.H. ; Ah, L.K.; Choi, W.K. ; Tan, S.E.; Ang, D.S. 
152001On the dominant interface trap generation process during hot-carrier stressingAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
16Sep-1999On the time-dependent degradation of LDD n-MOSFETs under hot-carrier stressAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. 
17Jul-1995Study of hot carrier degradation in NMOSFET's by gate capacitance and charge pumping currentLing, C.H. ; Tan, S.E.; Ang, D.S. 
18Jun-1995Study of hot-carrier degradation in submicrometer LDD NMOSFET's from 1 f noise and charge pumping current measurements at different temperature annealsAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H. ; Yeow, Y.T.
19Mar-1997The effects of polysilicon dopant depletion and Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling on the characteristics of N+ polysilicon-oxide-silicon capacitorsLing, C.H. ; Ang, D.S. ; Ooi, J.A.
201999The role of electron traps on the post-stress interface trap generation in hot-carrier stressed p-MOSFET'sAng, D.S. ; Ling, C.H.