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Lee, C.-K.
Lee Chengkuo
Chengkuo, L.
Lee, C.
Lee, C.K.
Lee Chengkun
Lee Cheng Kuo
Lee, Vincent Ch


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1612011Investigation of piezoelectric MEMS-based wideband energy harvesting system with assembled frequency-up-conversion mechanismLiu, H.; Lee, C. ; Kobayashi, T.; Tay, C.J. ; Quan, C. 
1622018Investigation of position sensing and energy harvesting of a flexible triboelectric touch padChen T.; Shi Q. ; Li K.; Yang Z.; Liu H.; Sun L.; Dziuban J.A.; Lee C. 
1632018Investigation of the temperature fluctuation of single-phase fluid based microchannel heat sinkWang, T; Wang, J; He, J; Wu, C; Luo, W; Shuai, Y; Zhang, W; Lee, C 
16415-Jul-2012Investigation on the optimized design of alternate-hole-defect for 2D phononic crystal based silicon microresonatorsWang, N.; Hsiao, F.-L. ; Tsai, J.M.; Palaniapan, M. ; Kwong, D.-L.; Lee, C. 
1652016Large scale triboelectric nanogenerator and self-powered pressure sensor array using low cost roll-to-roll UV embossingDhakar, L ; Gudla, S ; Shan, X; Wang, Z; Tay, F.E.H ; Heng, C.-H ; Lee, C 
16619-Jul-2019Leveraging of MEMS Technologies for Optical Metamaterials ApplicationsRen, Zhihao ; Chang, Yuhua ; Ma, Yiming ; Shih, Kailing ; Dong, Bowei ; LEE CHENGKUO 
1672013Low-frequency vibration-based energy harvester using a piezoelectric composite beamDhakar, L.; Liu, H.; Tay, F.E.H. ; Lee, C. 
1689-Jun-2020Machine Learning Glove Using Self-Powered Conductive Superhydrophobic Triboelectric Textile for Gesture Recognition in VR/AR ApplicationsWen, Feng; Sun, Zhongda; He, Tianyiyi ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Zhu, Minglu; Zhang, Zixuan ; Li, Lianhui; Zhang, Ting; Lee, Chengkuo 
1692016Mapping of Small Nerve Trunks and Branches Using Adaptive Flexible ElectrodesXiang, Z ; Sheshadri, S ; Lee, S.-H ; Wang, J ; Xue, N; Thakor, N.V ; Yen, S.-C ; Lee, C 
1702016MEMS Based Broadband Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Energy Harvester (PUEH) for Enabling Self-Powered Implantable Biomedical DevicesShi Q. ; Wang T.; Lee C. 
171Jul-2013MEMS tri-axial force sensor with an integrated mechanical stopper for guidewire applicationsPark, W.-T.; Kotlanka, R.K.; Lou, L.; Hamidullah, M.; Lee, C. 
1722010MEMS VOA based on torsional and bending attenuation mechanisms using piezoelectric cantilever integrated with 1×10 PZT thin film actuatorsKoh, K.H.; Kobayashi, T.; Lee, C. 
1732012MEMS-based devicesLee, C. 
1742013MEMS/NEMS based enabling technologies for self-sustained wireless sensor nodesLee, C. 
17518-Sep-2020Metal-Organic Framework-Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption Platform Enables Simultaneous On-Chip Sensing of Greenhouse GasesZhou, Hong; Hui, Xindan; Li, Dongxiao; Hu, Donglin; Chen, Xin ; He, Xianming; Gao, Lingxiao; Huang, He; Lee, Chengkuo ; Mu, Xiaojing
17628-Dec-2020Metamaterial technologies for miniaturized infrared spectroscopy: Light sources, sensors, filters, detectors, and integrationWei, Jingxuan ; Ren, Zhihao ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1771-Sep-2020Metamaterials - from fundamentals and MEMS tuning mechanisms to applicationsChang, Yuhua ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1782014Micro-electro-mechanically tunable metamaterial with enhanced electro-optic performancePitchappa, P.; Pei Ho, C.; Lin, Y.-S.; Kropelnicki, P.; Huang, C.-Y.; Singh, N.; Lee, C. 
1792009Microcantilever sensor using photonic crystal nanocavity resonatorXiang, W. ; Hsiao, F.-L. ; Lee, C. 
1802015Microelectromechanically tunable multiband metamaterial with preserved isotropyPitchappa, P ; Ho, C.P ; Qian, Y ; Dhakar, L ; Singh, N; Lee, C