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Lee, C.-K.
Lee Chengkuo
Chengkuo, L.
Lee, C.
Lee, C.K.
Lee Chengkun
Lee Cheng Kuo
Lee, Vincent Ch


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1812015Micromachined piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer with ultra-wide frequency bandwidthWang, Tao ; Kobayashi, Takeshi; Lee, Chengkuo 
1822012Micromechanical resonators based on silicon two-dimensional phononic crystals of square latticeWang, N.; Tsai, J.M.-L.; Hsiao, F.-L. ; Soon, B.W.; Kwong, D.-L.; Palaniapan, M. ; Lee, C. 
183Jan-2011Microstructures for characterization of seebeck coefficient of doped polysilicon filmsXie, J.; Lee, C. ; Wang, M.-F.; Tsai, J.M.
1841-Nov-2018Mid-Infrared Slow Light Engineering and Tuning in 1-D Grating WaveguideMa, Yiming ; DONG BOWEI ; Li, Bo ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Chang, Yuhua ; Ho, Chong Pei ; LEE CHENGKUO 
18525-Sep-2019MIR plasmonic liquid sensing in nano-metric space driven by capillary forceShin, Kailing ; Ren, Zhihao ; Wang, Chen ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1862012Modeling and experimental study of a low-frequency-vibration-based power generator using zno nanowire arraysYang, B.; Lee, C. ; Ho, G.W. ; Ong, W.L.; Liu, J.; Yang, C.
18715-Mar-2006MOEMS variable optical attenuator with improved dynamic characteristics based on robust designLee, C. 
18815-May-2006MOEMS variable optical attenuators using rotary comb drive actuatorsYeh, J.A.; Jiang, S.-S.; Lee, C. 
1892020Multifunctional mid-infrared photonic switch using a MEMS-based tunable waveguide couplerQiao, Q. ; Yazici, M.S.; Dong, B. ; Liu, X. ; Lee, C. ; Zhou, G. 
1902010Nanoelectromechanical torsion switch of low operation voltage for nonvolatile memory applicationXiang, W. ; Lee, C. 
1912018Nanofluidic terahertz metasensor for sensing in aqueous environmentShih, Kailing ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Jin, Lin ; Chen, Chia-Hung ; Singh, Ranjan; Lee, Chengkuo 
122009Nanomechanical cantilever sensor using optical nanocavity resonatorLee, C. ; Xiang, W. ; Thillaigovindan, J.; Hsiaol, F.-L. 
132020Nanometer-Scale Heterogeneous Interfacial Sapphire Wafer Bonding for Enabling Plasmonic-Enhanced Nanofluidic Mid-Infrared SpectroscopyXu, Jikai; Ren, Zhihao ; Dong, Bowei ; Liu, Xinmiao ; Wang, Chenxi; Tian, Yanhong; Lee, Chengkuo 
14Jan-2011Nanophotonic biosensors using hexagonal nanoring resonators: Computational studyHsiao, F.-L. ; Lee, C. 
152008Nanophotonics based cantilever sensorLee, C. ; Thillaigovindan, J.; Chen, C.-C.; Chen, X.T.; Chao, Y.T.; Tao, S.; Xiang, W. ; Yu, A.; Feng, H.; Lo, G.Q.
16Sep-2009Nanophotonics sensor based on microcantilever for chemical analysisXiang, W. ; Lee, C. 
172013Nanoplasmonic optical filter based on complementary split-ring resonatorMa, F.; Lee, C. 
18Dec-2011NEMS diaphragm sensors integrated with triple-nano-ring resonatorLi, B.; Lee, C. 
19Jun-2010Non-resonant electromagnetic wideband energy harvesting mechanism for low frequency vibrationsYang, B. ; Lee, C. 
20Sep-2009Novel Biosensor Based on Photonic Crystal Nano-Ring ResonatorHsiao, F.-L. ; Lee, C.