Full Name
Lim Siak Piang
(not current staff)
Lim, S.P.
Lim, S.
Piang, L.S.
Piang Lim, S.
Lim, Siak Piang
Siak, P.L.
Lim, Siak-Piang
Lim, S.-P.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2013A computational fluid dynamics study on geometrical influence of the aorta on haemodynamicsTse, K.M.; Chang, R.; Lee, H.P. ; Lim, S.P. ; Venkatesh, S.K.; Ho, P.
2Jan-2001A coupled model for active vibration control of beam system with piezoelectric actuatorsZhai, B.; Lim, S.-P. ; Lu, P.
320-Dec-2005A fast boundary element method for underwater acousticsLim, K.M. ; Ong, E.T.; Lee, H.P.; Lim, S.P. 
42008A fast elastostatic solver based on fast Fourier transform on multipoles (FFTM)He, X.; Lim, K.M. ; Lim, S.P. 
5Oct-1995A fractal surface and its measurement by computer simulationMin, S.W.; Lim, S.P. ; Lee, K.S. 
61-Oct-2007A LBM-DLM/FD method for 3D fluid-structure interactionsShi, X.; Lim, S.P. 
72000A macromodel for dynamic simulation of microelectromechanical systemsLin, W.Z.; Lee, K.H. ; Lim, S.P. ; Lu, P.
8Jun-2010A MEMS rotary comb mechanism for harvesting the kinetic energy of planar vibrationsYang, B. ; Lee, C. ; Kotlanka, R.K.; Xie, J.; Lim, S.P. 
92001A Model Reduction Method for the Dynamic Analysis of Microelectromechanical SystemsLin, W.Z.; Lee, K.H. ; Lim, S.P. ; Lu, P.
10May-2001A neural-network-based method of model reduction for the dynamic simulation of MEMSLiang, Y.C.; Lin, W.Z.; Lee, H.P. ; Lim, S.P. ; Lee, K.H. ; Feng, D.P.
112003A neural-network-based-method on speed control of ultrasonic motorsLiang, Y.C.; Shi, X.H.; Lee, H.P. ; Lin, W.Z.; Xu, X.; Lim, S.P. ; Lee, K.H. 
12Jul-2007A new scanning MEMS mirrorWang, Z.F.; Noell, W.; Zickar, M.; De Rooij, N.; Lim, S.P. 
1328-Aug-2003A note on equivalence of proper orthogonal decomposition methodsWu, G.G.; Liang, Y.C.; Lin, W.Z.; Lee, H.P. ; Lim, S.P. 
141989A simple higher-order non-linear shear deformation plate theoryLee, K.H. ; Senthilnathan, N.R.; Lim, S.P. ; Chow, S.T. 
1522-Jul-2005A stable adaptive neural-network-based scheme for dynamical system controlXu, X.; Liang, Y.C.; Lee, H.P. ; Lin, W.Z.; Lim, S.P. ; Shi, X.H.
16Dec-1997A study on magnesium diffusion into LiNbO3 single crystal by x-ray diffraction, differential thermal analysis, and scanning electron microscopyQue, W. ; Lim, S. ; Yao, X.; Liu, A.Q.
172006Adsorption-induced surface stress effect on the resonance behavior of a quartz crystal microbalanceZhuang, H.; Lu, P.; Lim, S.P. 
1826-Apr-2001An approximate frequency formula for piezoelectric circular cylindrical shellsLu, P.; Lee, K.H.; Lin, W.Z.; Shen, F.; Lim, S.P. 
19Feb-2003An element free Galerkin method for the free vibration analysis of composite laminates of complicated shapeChen, X.L.; Liu, G.R. ; Lim, S.P. 
20Oct-2001An equivalent genetic algorithm based on extended strings and its convergence analysisLiang, Y.; Zhou, C.; Wang, Z.; Pueh Lee, H.; Piang Lim, S.