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Lu Yong Feng
Feng, L.Y.
Lu, Yong-Feng
Lu, Y.
Lu, Y.-F.
Lu, Y.F.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-1997A cleaning model for removal of particles due to laser-induced thermal expansion of substrate surfaceLu, Y.-F. ; Song, W.-D. ; Ye, K.-D. ; Lee, Y.-P.; Chan, D.S.H. ; Low, T.-S. 
22004A convenient way to prepare magnetic colloids by direct Nd:YAG laser ablationChen, G.X. ; Hong, M.H.; Lan, B. ; Wang, Z.B.; Lu, Y.F. ; Chong, T.C.
3Sep-2002A high performance MIM capacitor using HfO 2 dielectricsHu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Lu, Y.F. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Choi, W.K. 
42000A new mechanism of laser dry cleaningLuk'yanchuk, B.S.; Zheng, Y.W.; Lu, Y.F. 
51-Nov-1998A theoretical model for laser cleaning of microparticles in a thin liquid layerLu, Y.-F. ; Zhang, Y.; Song, W.-D. ; Chan, D.S.H. 
61997A theoretical model for laser removal of particles from solid surfacesLu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D. ; Ang, B.W.; Hong, M.H. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Low, T.S. 
7Jun-2001Ab initio pseudopotential calculations of electronic structure of off-stoichiometric ZnONi, H.-Q.; Lu, Y.-F. ; Ren, Z.-M.
81995Acoustic emission in laser surface cleaning for real-time monitoringLu, Yong-Feng ; Aoyagi, Yoshinobu
91996Acoustic wave monitoring in pulsed laser interaction with materialsLu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. ; Chua, S.J. ; Low, T.S. 
10Sep-1997Acoustic wave monitoring of cleaning and ablation during excimer laser interaction with copper surfacesLu, Y.F. ; Lee, Y.P.; Hong, M.H. ; Low, T.S. 
112-Jun-2003Advanced materials processing based on interaction of laser beam and a mediumSugioka, K.; Obata, K.; Midorikawa, K.; Hong, M.H. ; Wu, D.J.; Wong, L.L.; Lu, Y.F. ; Chong, T.C. 
12Jun-1999Amorphous hydrogenated carbon synthesized by pulsed laser deposition from cyclohexaneLu, Y.F. ; Huang, S.M.; Huan, C.H.A. ; Luo, X.F.
132002An overview of laser microprocessing in data storage industryChong, T.C. ; Lu, Y.F. 
14Jul-2001Angular effect in laser removal of spherical silica particles from silicon wafersZheng, Y.W.; Lu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D. 
1518-Sep-2001Apparatus for CFC-free laser surface cleaningLU, YONGFENG ; AOYAGI, YOSHINOBU
162000Application of excimer laser annealing in the formation of ultra-shallow p+/n junctionsChong, Y.F.; Pey, K.L. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; See, A. ; Tung, C.-H. ; Gopalakrishnan, R. ; Lu, Y.F. 
171996Application of laser microetching in formation of air-bearing surface for magnetic head slidersLu, Y.F. ; Ye, K.D. 
18Nov-1998Application of laser-cleaning technique for efficient removal of via-etch-induced polymersLee, Y.-P.; Loong, S.-T.; Zhou, M.-S.; Lu, Y.-F. 
191-Mar-1996Audible acoustic wave emission in excimer laser interaction with materialsLu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. ; Chua, S.J. ; Teo, B.S. ; Low, T.S. 
201997Audible acoustic wave real-time monitoring in laser processing of microelectronic materialsHong, M.H.; Lu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D.; Liu, D.M.; Low, T.S.