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1Mar-2010β-amyrin from Ardisia elliptica Thunb. Is more potent than aspirin in inhibiting collagen-induced platelet aggregationChing, J.; Chua, T.-K.; Chin, L.-C.; Lau, A.-J. ; Pang, Y.-K.; Jaya, J.M.; Tan, C.-H.; Koh, H.-L. 
22017ZnO nano-rod devices for intradermal delivery and immunizationNayak, T.R ; Wang, H ; Pant, A ; Zheng, M ; Junginger, H ; Goh, W.J ; Lee, C.K ; Zou, S; Alonso, S ; Czarny, B; Storm, G; Sow, C.H ; Lee, C ; Pastorin, G 
3May-2011Zebrafish for drug toxicity screening: Bridging the in vitro cell-based models and in vivo mammalian modelsSukardi, H.; Chng, H.T.; Chan, E.C.Y. ; Gong, Z. ; Lam, S.H. 
46-Feb-2020Weak functional group interactions revealed through metal-free active template rotaxane synthesisTian, Chong ; Fielden, Stephen DP; Whitehead, George FS; Vitorica-Yrezabal, Inigo J; Leigh, David A
52013Vancomycin monotherapy vs. combination therapy for the treatment of persistent methicillinresistant staphylococcus aureus bacteremiaSeah, J.; Lye, D.C.; Ng, T.-M.; Krishnan, P.; Choudhury, S.; Teng, C.B. 
61-Feb-2012Utilizing mobile networks for the detection of clinically relevant interactions between chemotherapy regimens and complementary and alternative medicinesYap, K.Y.-L.; See, C.S.; Kuo, E.Y.; Chui, W.K. ; Chan, A. 
72020Using Pharmacogenetic Testing to Tailor Warfarin Therapy: The Singapore Experience and What the Future HoldsChang, Grace Shu-wen; Tan, Doreen Su-Yin 
82019User preferences and persona design for an mhealth intervention to support adherence to cardiovascular disease medication in singapore: A multi-method studyHaldane, V.; Koh, J.J.K. ; Srivastava, A. ; Teo, K.W.Q.; Tan, Y.G.; Cheng, R.X.; Yap, Y.C.; Ong, P.-S. ; van Dam, R.M. ; Foo, J.M. ; Müller-Riemenschneider, F. ; Koh, G.C.-H. ; Foong, P.S. ; Perel, P.; Legido-Quigley, H. 
915-Jul-2011Use of urine volatile organic compounds to discriminate tuberculosis patients from healthy subjectsBanday, K.M.; Pasikanti, K.K.; Chan, E.C.Y. ; Singla, R.; Rao, K.V.S.; Chauhan, V.S.; Nanda, R.K.
1011-Dec-2006Use of swirling airflow to enhance coating performance of bottom spray fluid bed coatersHeng, P.W.S. ; Chan, L.W. ; Tang, E.S.K.
112019Use of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Outcomes in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Prospective Observational Pilot Cohort StudyYeo, S.-H.; Kong, K.H.; Lim, D.C.-K.; Yau, W.-P. 
1215-Jul-2013Use of decongestants during pregnancy and the risk of birth defectsYau, W.-P. ; Mitchell, A.A.; Lin, K.J.; Werler, M.M.; Hernández-Díaz, S.
1312-Feb-2008Use of a passive equilibration methodology to encapsulate cisplatin into preformed thermosensitive liposomesWoo, J.; Chiu, G.N.C. ; Karlsson, G.; Wasan, E.; Ickenstein, L.; Edwards, K.; Bally, M.B.
142003Use of a Fluidized Bed Hammer Mill for Size Reduction and Classification: Effects of Process Variables and Starting Materials on the Particle Size Distribution of Milled Lactose BatchesLee, C.C.; Chan, L.W. ; Heng, P.W.S. 
156-Sep-2013Urinary metabotyping of bladder cancer using two-dimensional gas chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometryPasikanti, K.K.; Esuvaranathan, K.; Hong, Y.; Ho, P.C. ; Mahendran, R. ; Raman Nee Mani, L.; Chiong, E.; Chan, E.C.Y. 
162018Unraveling the Inconsistencies of Cardiac Differentiation Efficiency Induced by the GSK3? Inhibitor CHIR99021 in Human Pluripotent Stem CellsLaco, F.; Woo, T.L.; Zhong, Q. ; Szmyd, R.; Ting, S.; Khan, F.J.; Chai, C.L.L. ; Reuveny, S.; Chen, A.; Oh, S.
171-Apr-2006Unexpected reaction of 2-hydrazinoperimidine with maleic anhydride: Syntheses of (8-amino-9-oxo-9,10-dihydro-8H-imidazo[1,2-a]perimidin-10-yl)acetic acid and its azomethine derivativesDolzhenko, A.V. ; Chui, W.-K. ; Dolzhenko, A.V. 
181-Jan-2020Understanding and expectation towards pharmaceutical care among patients, caregivers and pharmacy service providers: a qualitative studyLow, Hui Ming Margaret; See, Zu Yao; Lai, Yi Feng 
1915-Jul-2009Underlying mitochondrial dysfunction triggers flutamide-induced oxidative liver injury in a mouse model of idiosyncratic drug toxicityKashimshetty, R.; Desai, V.G.; Kale, V.M.; Lee, T.; Moland, C.L.; Branham, W.S.; New, L.S. ; Chan, E.C.Y. ; Younis, H.; Boelsterli, U.A.
202000Ultrafine grinding using a fluidized bed opposed jet mill: Effects of process parameters on the size distribution of milled particlesHeng, P.W.S. ; Chan, L.W. ; Lee, C.C.