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1Apr-2011Year 2010 In BriefDebbie Soon 
21-May-2017Women’s empowerment and gender equity in agriculture: A different perspective from Southeast AsiaSonia Akter ; Pieter Rutsaert; Joyce Luis; Nyo Me Htwe; Su Su San; Budi Raharjo; Arlyna Pustika
321-Mar-2017Without Blinders: Public Values Scholarship in Political Science, Economics, and Law—Content and Contribution to Public AdministrationGjalt De Graaf; Zeger Van der Wal 
42015Wide-area collaboration in the aftermath of the March 11 disasters in Japan: Implications for responsible disaster managementAoki, N. 
511-Jan-2013Why is Vietnam's Corruption Control in Privatization Ineffective? A Game Theoretic ExplanationNGUYEN THI MY HOA
67-Apr-2020Why Experts Disagree on How to Manage COVID-19: Four Problem Conceptions, Not OneBenjamin William Cashore ; Steven Bernstein
713-Dec-2019Why does innovation in government occur and persist? Evidence from the Australian governmentMehmet Akif Demircioglu 
823-Jun-2019Why Do Multi-stakeholder Land Use Agreements Unravel? Lessons from The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA)Benjamin William Cashore ; Graham, Rachel
91-Jul-2020Why do humble backgrounds matter as candidates standing in Singapore’s General Election?Koh Lim Choo Brigtte Gillian 
1022-Jul-2020Why Do Cities Adopt Smart Technologies? Contingency Theory and Evidence from the United StatesEduardo Araral 
1121-Oct-2021Why digital poverty deserves greater attentionNg, Irene ; Lim, Sun Sun ; Pang, Natalie 
1227-Jun-2018Why contracts fail: a game theoretic approach to managing urban waterChing Leong ; Neng Qian 
131-Feb-2021Why and how does the regulation of emerging technologies occur? Explaining the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation using the multiple streams frameworkNIHIT GOYAL ; HOWLETT MICHAEL PATRICK ; ARAZ TAEIHAGH 
1424-May-2018Whose carbon is burnable? Equity considerations in the allocation of a “right to extract”Sivan Kartha; Simon Caney; Dubash, Navroz Kersi ; Greg Muttitt
152011Who/PLoS Collection "No Health Without Research": A Call for PapersPang T. ; Terry R.F.; The PLoS Medicine Editors PLoS Medicine
1610-Apr-2015Who is a stream? Epistemic communities, instrument constituencies and advocacy coalitions in public policy-makingMukherjee, Ishani ; Howlett, Michael Patrick 
1726-Jul-2018Who Hates Government Debt in China? Evidence from Revealed PreferencesChen Kang 
182009Who governs energy? The challenges facing global energy governanceFlorini, A. ; Sovacool, B.K. 
191-Feb-2020Who Coupled Which Stream(s)? Policy Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Energy–Water Nexus in Gujarat, IndiaNihit Goyal ; Michael Howlett; Namrata Chindarkar 
20Jul-2022Whither policy innovation? Mapping conceptual engagement with public policy in energy transitions researchGoyal, N; Taeihagh, A ; Howlett, M