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Benjamin William Cashore

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115-May-2019Anticipating Negative Feedback and Avoiding Premature Equilibria in a Low-Carbon TransformationBenjamin Cashore ; Nihit Goyal
221-Jun-2018Bringing Bio-environmentalists and Social Greens Back in: Reflections on Fostering Transformative Change within US-Based Professional Environmental SchoolsBenjamin William Cashore 
34-Aug-2021Bringing the Environment Back In: Overcoming the Tragedy of the Diffusion of Commons MetaphorCashore, Benjamin William ; Bernstein, Steven
426-Jan-2020Bringing the Environment Back In: Overcoming the Tragedy of the Diffusion of the Commons MetaphorBenjamin Cashore ; Steven Bernstein
531-Jul-2020Can finance and market driven (FMD) interventions make "weak states" stronger? Lessons from the good governance norm complex in CambodiaBenjaminCashore ; Iben Nathan
615-Apr-2020Can Finance and Market Driven (FMD) Interventions Make “Weak States” Stronger? Lessons from the Good Governance Norm Complex in CambodiaBenjamin Cashore ; Iben Nathan
711-Sep-2009Can Non-state Certification Systems Bolster State-centered Efforts to Promote Sustainable Development Through the Clean Development Mechanism?Levin, Kelly; BENJAMIN WILLIAM CASHORE ; Koppell, Jonathan
86-Jul-2021Designing for the Wrong Goal? How Mismatches in Policy Problem Framing Undermine Policy Designs for Environmental ConservationCashore, Benjamin William ; Mukherjee, Ishani ; Virani, Altaf; Wijedasa, Lahiru
926-May-2020Designing Policy for the Long Term: Agency, Policy Feedback and Policy ChangeSebastian Sewerin; Daniel Béland; Benjamin Cashore 
101-Apr-2019Designing stakeholder learning dialogues for effective global governanceBenjamin Cashore ; Steven Bernstein; David Humphreys; Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers; Katharine Rietig
111-Mar-2020Do Private Regulations Ratchet Up? How to Distinguish Types of Regulatory Stringency and Patterns of ChangeDevin Judge-Lord; Constance L. McDermott; Benjamin William Cashore 
1226-Jun-2018Does Transnational Governance Make Weak States Stronger? Lessons for Capacity Building from Governing Through Global Supply Chains in Southeast Asia.Benjamin William Cashore ; Nathan, Iben
136-Jul-2021Explaining Divergent Community Forestry Trajectories in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru: A Historical Institutionalist AccountCashore, Benjamin William ; Foster, Michaela; Judy, Chelsea; Hajar, Reem; Denvir, Audrey
145-Aug-2021Factors influencing the development and implementation of national greenhouse gas inventory methodologiesYona, Leehi; Cashore, Benjamin William ; Bradford, Mark
1513-Oct-2021How to save a million species? Transformative governance through prioritizationVisseren-Hamakers, Ingrid; Cashore, Benjamin ; Loorbach, Derk; Kok, Marcel; Vullers, Pieter; de Koning, Susan; van Veen, Anne
1623-Mar-2022Is Climate Finance Causing Species Extinctions? Incorporating Whack-a-Mole Effects into Synergies ResearchCashore, Benjamin William 
1726-Jun-2018Learning Through Policy Pathways: Towards a Practitioner Oriented Protocol for Championing Environmental and Social Outcomes “on the ground”.Benjamin William Cashore ; Lupberger, Sarah; Visseren-Hamakers, Ingrid; Bernstein, Steven; Auld, Graeme; Nathan, Iben; Rietig, Katharine; McGuinley, Kathleen; de Jong, Wil; Denvir, Audrey
184-Oct-2021Managing Pandemics as Super Wicked Problems: Lessons from, and for, COVID-19 and the Climate CrisisCashore, Benjamin William ; Auld, Graeme; Bernstein, Steven; Levin, Kelly
1917-Nov-2021Managing pandemics as super wicked problems: lessons from, and for, COVID-19 and the climate crisisAuld, Graeme; Bernstein, Steven; Cashore, Benjamin ; Levin, Kelly
201-Oct-2013Methods and global environmental governanceKate O’Neill; ErikaWeinthal; Kimberly R. Marion Suiseeya; Steven Bernstein; Avery Cohn; Michael W. Stone; Benjamin Cashore