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Akter, S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2019An Empirical Examination of Sustainability of Women'sEmpowerment Using Panel Data from IndiaSonia Akter ; Namrata Chindarkar 
22017Climate change skepticism and index versus standard crop insurance demand in coastal BangladeshAkter, S ; Krupnik, T.J; Khanam, F
315-Jun-2021Do catastrophic floods change the gender division of labor? Panel data evidence from PakistanSonia Akter 
419-Apr-2021Do fires discriminate? Socio-economic disadvantage, wildfire hazard exposure and the Australian 2019–20 ‘Black Summer’ firesSonia Akter ; R. Quentin Grafton
526-Feb-2011Household perceptions of climate change and preferences for mitigation action: the case of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme in AustraliaSonia Akter ; Jeff Bennett
624-Jan-2022Impact of clean cooking fuel adoption on women’s welfare in India: the mediating role of women’s autonomySonia Akter ; Chitra Pratap
710-Nov-2019Impact of Drinking Water Salinity on Children's Education: Empirical Evidence from Coastal BangladeshSONIA AKTER 
831-Jul-2021Increasing smallholder farmers’ market participation through technology adoption in rural Timor-LesteSonia Akter ; NamrataChindarkar; WilliamErskine; Luc Spyckerelle; JulieImron; LuciaVianaBranco
91-Dec-2021Is off-grid residential solar power inclusive? Solar power adoption, energy poverty, and social inequality in IndiaSonia Akter ; Kaushambi Bagchi
1026-Oct-2020Partners or Rivals? Exploring the Relationship between Men’s and Women’s Empowerment in BangladeshSONIA AKTER ; ANDREW MICHAEL FRANCIS-TAN 
1110-Feb-2022Revisiting food security in 2021: An overview of the past yearSerge Savary; Stephen Waddington; Sonia Akter ; Conny J. M. Almekinders; Jody Harris; Lise Korsten; Reimund P. Rötter; Goedele Van den Broeck
121-Sep-2020Social Cohesion and Willingness to Pay for Cyclone Risk Reduction: The Case for the Coastal Embankment Improvement Project in BangladeshSonia Akter 
133-Nov-2020The Gender Gap in COVID-19 Mortality in the United StatesSONIA AKTER 
148-Jul-2020The impact of COVID-19 related ‘stay-at-home’ restrictions on food prices in Europe: findings from a preliminary analysisAkter, Sonia 
151-Apr-2020The Impact of Women’s Access to Agricultural Extension on Cropping Practices in Timor-LesteSonia Akter ; William Erskine; Luc Spyckerelle; Lucia Viana Branco; Julie Imron
163-Nov-2020The Link Between a Husband’s Trust in Informal Institutions and Domestic Violence Against His Wife: Evidence From PakistanSONIA AKTER 
172019The link between mothers' vulnerability to intimate partner violence and Children's human capitalAkter S. ; Chindarkar N. 
181-May-2017Women’s empowerment and gender equity in agriculture: A different perspective from Southeast AsiaSonia Akter ; Pieter Rutsaert; Joyce Luis; Nyo Me Htwe; Su Su San; Budi Raharjo; Arlyna Pustika