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Chindarkar, Namrata Ravindra


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11-Jan-2019An Empirical Examination of Sustainability of Women'sEmpowerment Using Panel Data from IndiaSonia Akter ; Namrata Chindarkar 
22019Effect of reliable electricity on health facilities, health information, and child and maternal health services utilization: evidence from rural Gujarat, IndiaChen Y.J. ; Chindarkar N. ; Xiao Y. 
331-Dec-2018Government-Civil Society Co-management Contracts for Rural Water Services: Lessons from IndiaNamrata Chindarkar ; Yvonne J. Chen ; Dennis Wichelns 
420-Jan-2016Increasing child immunization through uninterrupted powerChen, Yvonne Jie ; Chindarkar, Namrata Ravindra ; Xiao, Yun 
52019India's depleting groundwater: When science meets policyChindarkar N. ; Grafton R.Q.
619-Apr-2017Reducing Information Asymmetry and Enhancing Economic Literacy in Principles CoursesChang Yee Kwan ; Yvonne Jie Chen ; Namrata Chindarkar ; Dodo Jesuthason Thampapillai 
72018Rethinking teaching of basic principles of economics from a sustainability perspectiveChindarkar, N ; Thampapillai, D.J 
81-Dec-2019Subjective Well-Being Effects of Coping Cost: Evidence from Household Water Supply in Kathmandu Valley, NepalNamrata Chindarkar ; Yvonne Jie Chen ; Yogendra Gurung
92019Sustaining Reforms in Water Service Delivery: the Role of Service Quality, Salience, Trust and Financial ViabilityJensen O. ; Chindarkar N. 
102019The link between mothers' vulnerability to intimate partner violence and Children's human capitalAkter S. ; Chindarkar N. 
111-Feb-2020Who Coupled Which Stream(s)? Policy Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Energy–Water Nexus in Gujarat, IndiaNihit Goyal ; Michael Howlett; Namrata Chindarkar