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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Feb-2020Can Competition-Enhancing Regulation Bridge the Quality Divide in Internet Provision?Lourdes O. Montenegro; Eduardo Araral 
230-Oct-2019Conflict and Cooperation in Global Commons: Theory and Evidence from the Caspian SeaSerik Orazgaliyev; Eduardo Araral 
322-Jul-2020Digital Nudging as Co-Production: A Field Experiment in Libertarian PaternalismMaki Nakajima ; Eduardo Araral 
42015Does water governance matter to water sector performance? Evidence from ten provinces in ChinaAraral E ; Wang Y.
520-Feb-2020FestschriftCecilia Tortajada ; Eduardo Araral 
631-Oct-2017Has China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Slowed Down Growth?Eduardo Araral ; LI HUI ; Vu Minh Khuong ; Kris Hartley
724-Jul-2020Human Behaviour and Climate Risks: Application of a Digital Serious GameCorinne Ong ; Eduardo Araral 
82010Improving effectiveness and efficiency in the water sector: Institutions, infrastructure and indicatorsAraral, E. 
9Feb-2014Interrogating the Commons: Introduction to the Special Issue. Reflecting on a Legacy.Lejano, R.P.; Araral, E. ; Araral, D.
10Oct-2008Public provision for urban water: Getting prices and governance rightAraral Jr., E. 
112010Reform of water institutions: Review of evidences and international experiencesAraral, E. 
122009The failure of water utilities privatization: Synthesis of evidence, analysis and implicationsAraral, E. 
135-Feb-2021The Mediated Effects of Urban Proximity on Collective Action in the Commons: Theory and Evidence from ChinaWANG YAHUA; CHEN SICHENG; ARARAL,EDUARDO JR 
142009The strategic games that donors and bureaucrats play: An institutional rational choice analysisAraral, E. 
152013Water Governance 2.0: A Review and Second Generation Research AgendaAraral, E ; Wang, Y
164-Oct-2019Water Governance in India: Evidence on Water Law, Policy, and Administration from Eight Indian StatesMasood Ahmed; Eduardo Araral 
17Mar-2009What Explains Collective Action in the Commons? Theory and Evidence from the PhilippinesAraral Jr., E. 
1822-Jul-2020Why Do Cities Adopt Smart Technologies? Contingency Theory and Evidence from the United StatesEduardo Araral