Hilda Cecilia Tortajada Quiroz


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Hilda Cecilia Tortajada Quiroz
Tortajada, C.
cecilia tortajada


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2018Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Improving Water Services in Cities Affected by Extreme Weather EventsJames Horn; Cecilia Tortajada ; Larry Harrington
29-Apr-2021An Assessment of the 2015–2017 Drought in Windhoekvan Rensburg, P.; Tortajada Quiroz Hilda Cecilia 
31-Feb-2019Call for State-of-the-Art ReviewsCecilia Tortajada 
42008Challenges and Realities of Water Management of Megacities: The Case of Mexico City Metropolitan AreaHilda Cecilia Tortajada Quiroz 
531-Jan-2019Communications on Technological Innovations: Potable Water ReuseTortajada C. ; Nambiar S.
62017Confronting Global Security in an Era of Water InstabilitiesHilda Cecilia Tortajada Quiroz ; Hartley, Kris; Biswas, Asit K 
730-Apr-2020Contributions of Recycled Wastewater to Clean Water and Sanitation Sustainable Development GoalsCecilia Tortajada 
82-Jan-2020Drink More Recycled WastewaterCecilia Tortajada ; Pierre van Rensburg
926-May-2016EditorialCecilia Tortajada ; Choon Nam Ong 
1015-Oct-2018EditorialCecilia Tortajada 
1127-Nov-2018Editorial, January 2019Cecilia Tortajada 
1220-Feb-2020FestschriftCecilia Tortajada ; Eduardo Araral 
132-Dec-2021Food Security and COVID-19: Impacts and Resilience in SingaporeTortajada, Cecilia ; Lim, Nicole Sher Wen
1427-Apr-2020Strategic Foresight to Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Achieve Water-related Sustainable Development GoalsHamid Mehmood; S. Karthik Mukkavilli; Ingmar Weber; Atsushi Koshio; Chinaporn Meechaiya; Thanapon Piman; Kenneth Mubea; HILDA CECILIA TORTAJADA QUIROZ ; Kimberly Mahadeo; Danielle Liao
1516-Nov-2016The Need to Put Practice into Policy: Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue of Papers from the IWRA XV World Water CongressJames E. Nickum; Cecilia Tortajada ; Philippus Wester
1612-Feb-2021The role of hydropower in South Asia?s energy futureRamesh Vaidya; David Molden; Arun Shrestha; Nisha Wagle; Cecilia Tortajada 
171-Dec-2018Transboundary aquifers between Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, Mexico, and Texas, USA: Identification and categorizationSanchez R.; Rodriguez L.; Tortajada C. 
182019Understanding emergent participation practices in water governancevan Buuren A.; van Meerkerk I.; Tortajada C. 
1914-Dec-2018Water demand framework and water development: The case of ChinaWang Y.; Wan T.; Tortajada C. 
202010Water governance: A research agendaTortajada, C.