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Vu Minh Khuong
Minh, Vu K.
Vu, K.
Vu, Minh Khuong
Vu, K.M.
Vu, Khuong M.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2019A Modeling Framework for Enhancing Aid EffectivenessJustin Yifu Lin; Khuong Vu ; Kris Hartley
2Jan-2013A Note on Interpreting the Beta-Convergence EffectVu, Minh Khuong 
3Jul-2010Developing Asia and the electricity sector: Dynamics, trends and policy implicationsVu, Khuong M. ; Sovacool, Benjamin K. 
42009Economic reform and performance: A comparative study of China and VietnamVu, K.M. 
5Apr-2015Effects of China and India on Manufactured Exports of the G7 EconomiesVu, Minh Khuong 
61-Apr-2018Embracing globalization to promote industrialization: Insights from the development of Singapore's petrochemicals industryVu K.M. 
7Mar-2011Exploring the dynamics of policy interaction: Feedback among and impacts from multiple, concurrently applied policy approaches for promoting collaborationVu, Minh Khuong ; Fuller, Boyd William 
831-Oct-2017Has China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Slowed Down Growth?Eduardo Araral ; LI HUI ; Vu Minh Khuong ; Kris Hartley
91-May-2011ICT as a source of economic growth in the information age: Empirical evidence from the 1996-2005 periodVu, Minh Khuong 
10May-2011ICT as a source of economic growth in the information age: Empirical evidence from the 19962005 periodVu, K.M. 
11Dec-2013Information and communication technology (ICT) and Singapore's economic growthVu, Minh Khuong 
12May-2007Information technology and the world growth resurgenceJorgenson, D.W.; Vu, K. 
1313-Jun-2019Learning to Catch up in Developing AsiaVu Minh Khuong ; Kris Hartley
14Sep-2010Potential growth of the world economyVu, Minh Khuong ; Jorgenson, Dale W.
151-Nov-2018Promoting Smart Cities in Developing Countries: Policy Insights from VietnamKhuong Vu ; Kris Hartley
161-Sep-2019Sources of Growth in the World Economy: A Comparison of G7 and E7 EconomiesVu Minh Khuong 
17Dec-2011Sources of Singapore’s economic growth, 1965–2008 : Trends, patterns and policy implicationsVu, Minh Khuong 
18Feb-2010The Barriers to Energy Efficiency in China: Assessing Household Electricity Savings and Consumer Behavior in Liaoning ProvinceVu, Minh Khuong ; Sovacool, Benjamin K. ; Feng, Dianshu
192010The barriers to energy efficiency in China: Assessing household electricity savings and consumer behavior in Liaoning ProvinceDianshu, F.; Sovacool, B.K. ; Minh, Vu K. 
20May-2013The emergence of the new economic order: Growth in the G7 and the G20Jorgenson, Dale W.; Vu, Minh Khuong