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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2018Conditions for complex innovations: evidence from public organizationsDemircioglu M.A. ; Audretsch D.B.
21-Nov-2017Conditions for innovation in public sector organizationsDemircioglu M.A. ; Audretsch D.B.
32-Apr-2020Conditions for open innovation in public organizations: evidence from Challenge.govHameduddin, Taha ; Fernandez, Sergio; Demircioglu, Mehmet Akif 
428-Oct-2021COVID-19 and the New Normal of Organizations and Employees: An OverviewAarthi Raghavan; Mehmet Akif Demircioglu ; Serik Orazgaliyev
531-Oct-2018Effects of the Innovation Climate on Turnover Intention in the Australian Public ServiceDemircioglu M.A. ; Berman E.
61-Mar-2020Entrepreneurship in Public Organizations: The Role of Leadership BehaviorMEHMET AKIF DEMIRCIOGLU ; FARZANA CHOWDHURY
717-Jan-2018Examining the Effects of Social Media Use on Job Satisfaction in the Australian Public Service: Testing Self-Determination TheoryMehmet Akif Demircioglu 
81-Mar-2020Intensity of Innovation in Public Sector Organizations: The Role of Push and Pull FactorsTommy Høyvarde Clausen; Mehmet Akif Demircioglu ; Gry A Alsos
924-Jun-2021Is impartiality enough? Government impartiality and citizens' perceptions of public service qualityKohei Suzuki; Mehmet Akif Demircioglu 
1024-Mar-2021Leadership and Innovation: What?s the Story? The Relationship between Leadership Support Level and Innovation TargetMehmet Akif Demircioglu ; Zeger Van der Wal
1129-Apr-2020More Ethical, More Innovative? The Effects of Ethical Culture and Ethical Leadership on Realized InnovationZeger Van der Wal ; Mehmet A. Demircioglu 
1216-Jul-2021Positioning Public Procurement as a Procedural Tool for Innovation: An Empirical StudyMehmet Akif Demircioglu ; Roberto Vivona 
1330-Nov-2018Public employees' use of social media: Its impact on need satisfaction and intrinsic work motivationDemircioglu M.A. ; Chen C.-A.
145-Jan-2021Public Health Innovation through Cloud Adoption: A Comparative Analysis of Drivers and Barriers in Japan, South Korea, and SingaporeRaghavan, Aarthi; Demircioglu, Mehmet Akif ; Taeihagh, Araz 
1518-Jun-2020Public Sector Innovation in the Asia Pacific - Trends, Challenges, and OpportunitiesZeger Van der Wal ; Mehmet A. Demircioglu 
1626-Oct-2017Public sector innovation: the effect of universitiesDemircioglu M.A. ; Audretsch D.B.
1724-Nov-2021The Role of Leadership in Public Sector Innovation: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of the Management of COVID-19 in Asian CountriesSazzad, Md Faizus ; Rajan, V Priya; Demircioglu, Mehmet Akif 
181-Dec-2019Sources of Innovation and Innovation Type: Firm-Level Evidence from the United StatesMehmet Akif Demircioglu ; David B. Audretsch; Timothy F. Slaper
1928-Sep-2020Sources of Innovation, Autonomy, and Employee Job Satisfaction in Public OrganizationsMehmet Akif Demircioglu 
2011-Dec-2018The Association Between Administrative Characteristics and National Level Innovative Activity: Findings from a Cross-National StudySuzuki K.; Demircioglu M.A.