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11-May-2015Building Productive Links between the UNFCCC and the Broader Global Climate Governance LandscapeBetsill, Michele; Dubash, Navroz Kersi ; Paterson, Matthew; van Asselt, Harro; Vihma, Antto; Winkler, Harald
218-Oct-2021Climate change research and the search for solutions: rethinking interdisciplinarityE. Lisa F. Schipper; Dubash, Navroz Kersi ; Yacob Mulugetta
34-Mar-2020Emissions: world has four times the work or one-third of the timeNiklas Höhne; Michel den Elzen; Joeri Rogelj; Bert Metz; Taryn Fransen; Takeshi Kuramochi; Anne Olhoff; Joseph Alcamo; Harald Winkler; Sha Fu; Michiel Schaeffer; Roberto Schaeffer; Glen P. Peters; Simon Maxwell; Dubash, Navroz Kersi 
47-Sep-2011From Norm Taker to Norm Maker? Indian Energy Governance in Global ContextDubash, Navroz Kersi 
54-Jul-2018India's energy and emissions future: an interpretive analysis of model scenariosDubash, Navroz Kersi ; Radhika Khosla; Narasimha D Rao; Ankit Bhardwaj
61-Nov-2015Integrating Global Climate Change Mitigation Goals with Other Sustainability Objectives: A SynthesisChristoph von Stechow; David McCollum; Keywan Riahi; Jan C. Minx; Elmar Kriegler; Detlef P. van Vuuren; Jessica Jewell; Carmenza Robledo-Abad; Edgar Hertwich; Massimo Tavoni; Sevastianos Mirasgedis; Oliver Lah; Joyashree Roy; Yacob Mulugetta; Dubash, Navroz Kersi ; Johannes Bollen; Diana Ürge-Vorsatz; Ottmar Edenhofer
71-Mar-2019More priorities, more problems? Decision-making with multiple energy, development and climate objectivesAnkit Bhardwaj; Madhura Joshi; Radhika Khosla; Dubash, Navroz Kersi 
84-Jul-2018National climate change mitigation legislation, strategy and targets: a global updateIacobuta, Gabriela; Dubash, Navroz Kersi ; Upadhyaya, Prabhat; Deribe, Mekdelawit; Höhne, Niklas
923-Oct-2019Revisiting climate ambition: The case for prioritizing current action over future intentDubash, Navroz Kersi 
102-Dec-2016Safeguarding development and limiting vulnerability: India's stakes in the Paris AgreementDubash, Navroz Kersi 
1121-Oct-2021Scenarios for different ‘Future Indias’: Sharpening energy and climate modelling toolsSpencer, Thomas; Dubash, Navroz Kersi 
1218-Dec-2015State-led experimentation or centrally-motivated replication? A study of state action plans on climate change in IndiaJogesh, Anu; Dubash, Navroz Kersi 
137-Jun-2021The limits of opportunism: The uneven emergence of climate institutions in IndiaPillai, Aditya Valiathan; Dubash, Navroz Kersi 
141-Oct-2021Varieties of climate governance: The emergence and functioning of climate institutionsDubash, Navroz Kersi 
1524-May-2018Whose carbon is burnable? Equity considerations in the allocation of a “right to extract”Sivan Kartha; Simon Caney; Dubash, Navroz Kersi ; Greg Muttitt