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12002α-neurotoxin gene expression in Naja sputatrix: Identification of a silencer element in the promoter regionMa, D.; Armugam, A. ; Jeyaseelan, K. 
221-May-2012α-Actinin4 nuclear translocation mediates gonadotropin-releasing hormone stimulation of follicle-stimulating hormone β-subunit gene transcription in LβT2 cellsYu, H.; Li, Z. ; Ghosh, D.; Lim, T.K. ; He, Y. ; Lin, Q. 
38-Apr-2020WiFi-Based Indoor Robot Positioning Using Deep Fuzzy ForestsZHANG LE ; Chen Zhenghua; Cui Wei; Li Bing; Chen Cen; CAO ZHIGUANG ; Gao Kaizhou
42015Water reuse in EU states: Necessity for uniform criteria to mitigate human and environmental risksParanychianakis N.V; Salgot M; Snyder S.A ; Angelakis A.N.
52008Water and ion channels: Crucial in the initiation and progression of apoptosis in central nervous system?Chen, M.J.; Sepramaniam, S.; Armugam, A. ; Choy, M.S. ; Jeyaseelan, K. ; Cheung, N.S. ; Manikandan, J. ; Melendez, A.J.
262015Wastewater treatment and reuse: Past, present, and futureAngelakis, A.N; Snyder, S.A 
272018Variations of bacterial community composition and functions in an estuary reservoir during spring and summer alternationXu, Z; Te, S.H ; Xu, C; He, Y ; Gin, K.Y.-H 
282018Valine-glutamine (VQ) motif coding genes are ancient and non-plant-specific with comprehensive expression regulation by various biotic and abiotic stressesJiang, S.-Y.; Sevugan, M. ; Ramachandran, S. 
292005Using UML 2.0 for system level design of real time SoC platforms for stream processingZhu, Y. ; Maxiaguine, A.; Sun, Z. ; Wong, W.-F. 
302001Use of the elongation factor-1α gene in a polymerase chain reaction-based restriction-fragment-length polymorphism analysis of genetic heterogeneity among Blastocystis speciesHo, L.-C.; Jeyaseelan, K. ; Singh, M. 
3115-Jan-2021Use of okara-derived hydrogel for enhancing growth of plants by minimizing leaching and locking nutrients and water in growing substrateTAN WEE KEE; ZHU JINGLING ; ROBYN LIM JING YING ; GAO ZHENGYANG ; Loh Chiang Shiong ; Li Jun ; ONG CHOON NAM 
322017Unraveling the molecular mechanism of photosynthetic toxicity of highly fluorescent silver nanoclusters to Scenedesmus obliquusZhang, L; Goswami, N ; Xie, J ; Zhang, B; He, Y 
332018Unique genetic cassettes in a thermoanaerobacterium contribute to simultaneous conversion of cellulose and monosugars into butanolLi, T. ; Zhang, C. ; Yang, K.-L. ; He, J. 
342013Ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for rapid analysis of trace organic contaminants in waterAnumol, T; Merel, S; Clarke, B.O; Snyder, S.A 
351-Aug-2021Two-Stage Fermentation of Lipomyces starkeyi for Production of Microbial Lipids and BiodieselZhang, Le ; Lim, Ee; Loh, Kai-Chee ; Dai, Yanjun; Tong, Yen 
362004Tuning SoC platforms for multimedia processing: Identifying limits and tradeoffsMaxiaguine, A.; Zhu, Y. ; Chakraborty, S. ; Wong, W.-F. 
372020Tropical peatlands and their conservation are important in the context of COVID-19 and potential future (zoonotic) disease pandemicsHarrison, M.E.; Wijedasa, L.S. ; Cole, L.E.S.; Cheyne, S.M.; Choiruzzad, S.A.B.; Chua, L.; Dargie, G.C.; Ewango, C.E.N.; Honorio Coronado, E.N.; Ifo, S.A.; Imron, M.A.; Kopansky, D.; Lestarisa, T.; O’Reilly, P.J.; van Offelen, J.; Refisch, J.; Roucoux, K.; Sugardjito, J.; Thornton, S.A.; Upton, C.; Page, S.
382008Treatment of RO brine-towards sustainable water reclamation practiceNg, H.Y. ; Lee, L.Y. ; Ong, S.L. ; Tao, G.; Viawanath, B.; Kekre, K.; Lay, W.; Seah, H.
392017Transcriptomics analysis of salt stress tolerance in the roots of the mangrove Avicennia officinalisKrishnamurthy, P ; Mohanty, B ; Wijaya, E; Lee, D.-Y ; Lim, T.-M ; Lin, Q ; Xu, J ; Loh, C.-S ; Kumar, P.P 
40Dec-2013Toxicological profile of small airway epithelial cells exposed to gold nanoparticlesNg, C.-T. ; Li, J.J.; Gurung, R.L.; Hande, M.P.; Ong, C.-N. ; Bay, B.-H.; Yung, L.-Y.L.