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Shu Harn Te
Te, S.H.


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11-Feb-2022Application of a Mechanistic Model for the Prediction of Microcystin Production by Microcystis in Lab Cultures and Tropical LakeBte Sukarji, Nur Hanisah; He, Yiliang ; Te, Shu Harn ; Gin, Karina Yew-Hoong 
22016Draft genome sequence of a tropical freshwater cyanobacterium, Limnothrix sp. strain P13C2Tan, B.F; Te, S.H ; Gin, K.Y ; Thompson, J.R
32016Draft genome sequence of Cylindrospermopsis sp. strain CR12 extracted from the minimetagenome of a nonaxenic unialgal culture from a tropical freshwater lakeNor, N.H.M ; Tan, B.F; Te, S.H ; Thompson, J.R; Gin, K.Y.-H 
42016Draft genome sequences of two benthic cyanobacteria, Oscillatoriales USR 001 and Nostoc sp. MBR 210, isolated from tropical freshwater lakesTe, S.H ; Tan, B.F; Thompson, J.R; Gin, K.Y.-H 
51-May-2022Effects of Light and Temperature on the Metabolic Profiling of Two Habitat-Dependent Bloom-Forming CyanobacteriaMohanty, Bijayalaxmi ; Majedi, Seyed Mohammad ; Pavagadhi, Shruti ; Te, Shu Harn ; Boo, Chek Yin ; Gin, Karina Yew-Hoong ; Swarup, Sanjay 
61-Mar-2019Environmental factors influence cylindrospermopsin production of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (CR12)Mohamed Nor, NH ; Te, SH ; Mowe, MAD ; Gin, KYH 
72017Genomics insights into production of 2-methylisoborneol and a putative cyanobactin by Planktothricoides sp. SR001Te S.H. ; Tan B.F.; Boo C.Y. ; Thompson J.R.; Gin K.Y.-H. 
815-Jun-2018Geospatial distribution of viromes in tropical freshwater ecosystemsGu, Xiaoqiong ; Tay, Qi Xiang Martin; Te, Shu Harn ; Saeidi, Nazanin ; Goh, Shin Giek ; Kushmaro, Ariel; Thompson, Janelle R; Gin, Karina Yew-Hoong 
92016Insights from the draft genome of the subsection V (Stigonematales) cyanobacterium Hapalosiphon sp. Strain MRB220 associated with 2-MIB productionTan, B.F; Te, S.H ; Boo, C.Y ; Gin, K.Y.-H ; Thompson, J.R
101-Sep-2020Isolation and Characterization of the First Freshwater Cyanophage Infecting PseudanabaenaZhang, Dong ; You, Fang ; He, Yiliang ; Te, Shu Harn ; Gin, Karina Yew-Hoong 
112012Sample preparation of microbial contaminants in waterAw, T.G.; Gin, K.Y.-H. ; Goh, S.G.; Te, S.H. 
122018The characteristics and dynamics of cyanobacteria-heterotrophic bacteria between two estuarine reservoirs - Tropical versus subtropical regionsXu, Z; Te, S.H ; He, Y ; Gin, K.Y.-H 
132018The effects of antibiotics on microbial community composition in an estuary reservoir during spring and summer seasonsXu, Z; Jiang, Y; Te, S.H ; He, Y ; Gin, K.Y 
142018Variations of bacterial community composition and functions in an estuary reservoir during spring and summer alternationXu, Z; Te, S.H ; Xu, C; He, Y ; Gin, K.Y.-H