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Yiliang He


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2023A machine learning assisted prediction of potential biochar and its applications in anaerobic digestion for valuable chemicals and energy recovery from organic wastePengshuai Zhang; Tengyu Zhang; Jingxin Zhang ; Huaiyou Liu; Cristhian Chicaiza-Ortiz; Jonathan TE Lee ; Yiliang He ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
21-Feb-2022Application of a Mechanistic Model for the Prediction of Microcystin Production by Microcystis in Lab Cultures and Tropical LakeBte Sukarji, Nur Hanisah; He, Yiliang ; Te, Shu Harn ; Gin, Karina Yew-Hoong 
321-Dec-2023Enhanced thermophilic dark fermentation of hydrogen production from food waste by Fe-modified biocharYongjun Yang; Jie Bu ; Yong Wei Tiong ; Shuai Xu; Jingxin Zhang ; Yiliang He ; Mingjun Zhu; Yen Wah Tong 
412-Feb-2024Enhancing sustainable crop cultivation: The impact of renewable soil amendments and digestate fertilizer on crop growth and nutrient compositionYong Wei Tiong ; Pooja Sharma ; Shuai Xu; Jie Bu ; Soobin An; Jordan Bao Luo Foo; Bryan Kangjie Wee; Yueyang Wang; Jonathan Tian En Lee ; Jingxin Zhang ; Yiliang He ; Yen Wah Tong 
52018Evaluating the joint toxicity of two benzophenone-type UV filters on the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with response surface methodologyMao, F ; He, Y ; Gin, K.-H 
61-Sep-2020Isolation and Characterization of the First Freshwater Cyanophage Infecting PseudanabaenaZhang, Dong ; You, Fang ; He, Yiliang ; Te, Shu Harn ; Gin, Karina Yew-Hoong 
71-Oct-2021Novel Freshwater Cyanophages Provide New Insights into Evolutionary Relationships between Freshwater and Marine CyanophagesZhang, Dong ; He, Yiliang ; Gin, Karina Yew-Hoong 
82018Occurrence, seasonal variation and risk assessment of antibiotics in Qingcaosha reservoirJiang, Y; Xu, C; Wu, X; Chen, Y; Han, W; Gin, K.Y ; He, Y 
915-Jun-2022Prevalence and characterization of antibiotic resistant bacteria in raw community sewage from diverse urban communitiesCharles, FR ; Lim, JX ; Chen, H ; Goh, SG ; He, Y ; Gin, KYH 
102018The characteristics and dynamics of cyanobacteria-heterotrophic bacteria between two estuarine reservoirs - Tropical versus subtropical regionsXu, Z; Te, S.H ; He, Y ; Gin, K.Y.-H 
112018The effects of antibiotics on microbial community composition in an estuary reservoir during spring and summer seasonsXu, Z; Jiang, Y; Te, S.H ; He, Y ; Gin, K.Y 
122017Unraveling the molecular mechanism of photosynthetic toxicity of highly fluorescent silver nanoclusters to Scenedesmus obliquusZhang, L; Goswami, N ; Xie, J ; Zhang, B; He, Y 
132018Variations of bacterial community composition and functions in an estuary reservoir during spring and summer alternationXu, Z; Te, S.H ; Xu, C; He, Y ; Gin, K.Y.-H