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Mohanty, Bijayalaxmi


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A hormone-responsive C1-domain-containing protein At5g17960 mediates stress response in Arabidopsis thalianaBhaskar, Ravindran Vijay; Mohanty, Bijayalaxmi ; Verma, Vivek; Wijaya, Edward; Kumar, Prakash P 
22007An early response regulatory cluster induced by low temperature and hydrogen peroxide in seedlings of chilling-tolerant japonica riceCheng, C; Yun, K.-Y; Ressom, H.W; Mohanty, B ; Bajic, V.B; Jia, Y; Yun, S.J; de los Reyes, B.G
32012Cis-regulatory signatures of orthologous stress-associated bZIP transcription factors from rice, sorghum and Arabidopsis based on phylogenetic footprintsXu, F; Park, M.-R; Kitazumi, A; Herath, V; Mohanty, B ; Yun, S.J; de los Reyes, B.G
41-May-2022Effects of Light and Temperature on the Metabolic Profiling of Two Habitat-Dependent Bloom-Forming CyanobacteriaMohanty, Bijayalaxmi ; Majedi, Seyed Mohammad ; Pavagadhi, Shruti ; Te, Shu Harn ; Boo, Chek Yin ; Gin, Karina Yew-Hoong ; Swarup, Sanjay 
52014Identification of salt gland-associated genes and characterization of a dehydrin from the salt secretor mangrove Avicennia officinalisJyothi-Prakash P.A.; Mohanty B. ; Wijaya E.; Lim T.-M. ; Lin Q. ; Loh C.-S. ; Kumar P.P. 
62016Modeling rice metabolism: From elucidating environmental effects on cellular phenotype to guiding crop improvementLakshmanan, M; Cheung, C.Y.M ; Mohanty, B ; Lee, D.-Y 
716-Mar-2021Promoter Architecture and Transcriptional Regulation of Genes Upregulated in Germination and Coleoptile Elongation of Diverse Rice Genotypes Tolerant to SubmergenceMohanty, Bijayalaxmi 
82016Transcriptional regulatory mechanism of alcohol dehydrogenase 1-deficient mutant of rice for cell survival under complete submergenceMohanty, B ; Takahashi, H; de los Reyes, B.G; Wijaya, E; Nakazono, M; Lee, D.-Y 
92010Transcriptional regulatory network triggered by oxidative signals configures the early response mechanisms of japonica rice to chilling stressYun, K.-Y; Park, M.R; Mohanty, B ; Herath, V; Xu, F; Mauleon, R; Wijaya, E; Bajic, V.B; Bruskiewich, R; de los Reyes, B.G
102017Transcriptomics analysis of salt stress tolerance in the roots of the mangrove Avicennia officinalisKrishnamurthy, P ; Mohanty, B ; Wijaya, E; Lee, D.-Y ; Lim, T.-M ; Lin, Q ; Xu, J ; Loh, C.-S ; Kumar, P.P