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11-Oct-2019Expression of AoNHX1 increases salt tolerance of rice and Arabidopsis, and bHLH transcription factors regulate AtNHX1 and AtNHX6 in ArabidopsisKrishnamurthy, Pannaga ; Vishal, Bhushan ; Khoo, Kaijie; Rajappa, Sivamathini; Loh, Chiang-Shiong ; Kumar, Prakash P 
21-Jun-2021Functional characterization and expression profiling of glyoxalase III genes in date palm grown under abiotic stressesJana, GA; Krishnamurthy, P ; Kumar, PP ; Yaish, MW
319-May-2020Molecular characterization of a date palm vascular highway 1-interacting kinase (Pdvik) under abiotic stressesAl-Harrasi, I.; Patankar, H.V.; Al-Yahyai, R.; Sunkar, R.; Krishnamurthy, P. ; Kumar, P.P. ; Yaish, M.W.
46-Feb-2023Rare alleles from tolerant cultivars are useful for generating salt-tolerant riceKrishnamurthy, Pannaga ; Kumar, Prakash P 
51-Dec-2020Regulation of a Cytochrome P450 Gene CYP94B1 by WRKY33 Transcription Factor Controls Apoplastic Barrier Formation in Roots to Confer Salt ToleranceKrishnamurthy, Pannaga ; Vishal, Bhushan ; Ho, Wan Jing; Lok, Felicia Chien Joo; Lee, Felicia Si Min; Kumar, Prakash P 
62020Regulation of AtKUP2 Expression by bHLH and WRKY Transcription Factors Helps to Confer Increased Salt Tolerance to Arabidopsis thaliana PlantsRajappa, S.; Krishnamurthy, P. ; Kumar, P.P. 
72017Transcriptomics analysis of salt stress tolerance in the roots of the mangrove Avicennia officinalisKrishnamurthy, P ; Mohanty, B ; Wijaya, E; Lee, D.-Y ; Lim, T.-M ; Lin, Q ; Xu, J ; Loh, C.-S ; Kumar, P.P 
812-Mar-2021WRKY9 transcription factor regulates cytochrome P450 genes CYP94B3 and CYP86B1, leading to increased root suberin and salt tolerance in ArabidopsisKrishnamurthy, Pannaga ; Vishal, Bhushan ; Bhal, Amrit ; Kumar, Prakash P