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119-Jul-2022A Review on Enhancing Cupriavidus necator Fermentation for Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) Production From Low-Cost Carbon SourcesZhang, L ; Jiang, Z; Tsui, TH ; Loh, KC ; Dai, Y ; Tong, YW 
225-Mar-2024Biogas Production from High‐solid Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste and Its Co‐digestion with Other Organic WastesLe Zhang; To Hung Tsui ; Kai-Chee Loh ; Yanjun Dai ; Jingxin Zhang ; Yen Wah Tong 
31-Apr-2022Engineering interface between bioenergy recovery and biogas desulfurization: Sustainability interplays of biochar applicationTo-Hung Tsui ; Le Zhang ; Jingxin Zhang ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
41-May-2024Fermentation of organic wastes through oleaginous microorganisms for lipid production-Challenges and opportunitiesRouf Ahmad Dar; To-Hung Tsui ; Le Zhang ; Yen Wah Tong ; Sigal Sharon; Oded Shoseyov; Ronghou Liu
58-Dec-2023Financial Sustainability and Stakeholder Partnerships of Biogas PlantsTo Hung Tsui ; Le Zhang ; Jonathan TE Lee ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
611-Feb-2022Functional microbial characteristics in acidogenic fermenters of organic wastes for production of volatile fatty acidsLe Zhang ; Miao Yan ; To-Hung Tsui ; Jonathan TE Lee ; Kai-Chee Loh ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
71-Feb-2023Machine learning and circular bioeconomy: Building new resource efficiency from diverse waste streamsTo-Hung Tsui ; Mark CM van Loosdrecht; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
81-Sep-2022Methanosarcina thermophila bioaugmentation and its synergy with biochar growth support particles versus polypropylene microplastics in thermophilic food waste anaerobic digestionJonathan TE Lee ; Ee Yang Lim; Le Zhang ; To-Hung Tsui ; Hailin Tian ; Miao Yan ; Shuhan Lim; Maszenan bin Abdul Majid ; Mui-Choo Jong ; Jingxin Zhang ; Chi-Hwa Wang ; Yong Sik Ok; Yen Wah Tong 
91-Jun-2022Methodological framework for wastewater treatment plants delivering expanded service: Economic tradeoffs and technological decisionsTo-Hung Tsui ; Le Zhang ; Jingxin Zhang ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
101-May-2022Microbial succession analysis reveals the significance of restoring functional microorganisms during rescue of failed anaerobic digesters by bioaugmentation of nano-biocharLe Zhang ; Fanghua Li ; To-Hung Tsui ; Kato Yoh; Jiachen Sun; Kai-Chee Loh ; Chi-Hwa Wang ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
1115-Mar-2022Plastic-containing food waste conversion to biomethane, syngas, and biochar via anaerobic digestion and gasification: Focusing on reactor performance, microbial communityLe Zhang ; Dingding Yao ; To-Hung Tsui ; Kai-Chee Loh ; Chi-Hwa Wang ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
128-Dec-2023Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Materials to Enhance Biogas RecoveryJonathan TE Lee ; Nalok Dutta; To Hung Tsui ; Ee Y Lim; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
131-Mar-2023Startup performance and microbial communities of a decentralized anaerobic digestion of food wasteYong Wei Tiong ; Pooja Sharma ; Hailin Tian ; To-Hung Tsui ; Heng Thong Lam ; Yen Wah Tong 
1429-Aug-2023Synergetic anaerobic digestion of food waste for enhanced production of biogas and value-added products: strategies, challenges, and techno-economic analysisPooja Sharma ; Sheetal Kishor Parakh ; To Hung Tsui ; Ambreen Bano; Surendra Pratap Singh; Vijay Pratap Singh; Su Shiung Lam; Ashok Kumar Nadda; Yen Wah Tong 
1519-Apr-2022Valorization of poly-β-hydroxybutyrate (PHB)-based bioplastic waste in anaerobic digesters of food waste for bioenergy generation: reactor performance, microbial communityLe Zhang ; To-Hung Tsui ; Jiahua Fu ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong