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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Nov-2023A closed loop case study of decentralized food waste management: System performance and life cycle carbon emission assessmentHailin Tian ; Miao Yan ; Jieyu Zhou ; Qinglian Wu ; Yong Wei Tiong ; Heng Thong Lam ; Jingxin Zhang ; Yen Wah Tong 
215-May-2023Effects of digestate-encapsulated biochar on plant growth, soil microbiome and nitrogen leachingMiao Yan ; Hailin Tian ; Shuang Song ; Hugh TW Tan ; Jonathan TE Lee ; Jingxin Zhang ; Pooja Sharma ; Yong Wei Tiong ; Yen Wah Tong 
311-Feb-2022Functional microbial characteristics in acidogenic fermenters of organic wastes for production of volatile fatty acidsLe Zhang ; Miao Yan ; To-Hung Tsui ; Jonathan TE Lee ; Kai-Chee Loh ; Yanjun Dai ; Yen Wah Tong 
41-Dec-2023Life cycle assessment and cost-benefit analysis of small-scale anaerobic digestion system treating food waste onsite under different operational conditionsHailin Tian ; Alvin WL Ee ; Miao Yan ; Yong Wei Tiong ; Wenxia Tan; Qian Tan; Heng Thong Lam ; Jingxin Zhang ; Yen Wah Tong 
51-Sep-2022Methanosarcina thermophila bioaugmentation and its synergy with biochar growth support particles versus polypropylene microplastics in thermophilic food waste anaerobic digestionJonathan TE Lee ; Ee Yang Lim; Le Zhang ; To-Hung Tsui ; Hailin Tian ; Miao Yan ; Shuhan Lim; Maszenan bin Abdul Majid ; Mui-Choo Jong ; Jingxin Zhang ; Chi-Hwa Wang ; Yong Sik Ok; Yen Wah Tong 
614-Mar-2024Plant Growth Enhancement under Combined Amendments of Food Waste Digestate and Rhizosphere Microbial Co-OccurrencePooja Sharma ; Yong Wei Tiong ; Miao Yan ; Heng Thong Lam ; Jingxin Zhang ; Yen Wah Tong 
715-Jan-2024Real-world assessment of a decentralized food waste anaerobic digestion system: A test-bedding case study applicationYong Wei Tiong ; Hailin Tian ; Pooja Sharma ; Miao Yan ; Heng Thong Lam ; Jingxin Zhang ; Yen Wah Tong