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Shane Allen Snyder
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Snyder S.A


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Bioanalytical tools: Half a century of application for potable reuseLeusch, F.D.L; Snyder, S.A 
22015In vitro bioassays to evaluate complex chemical mixtures in recycled waterJia A; Escher B.I; Leusch F.D.L; Tang J.Y.M; Prochazka E; Dong B; Snyder E.M; Snyder S.A 
32015Modeling approaches to predict removal of trace organic compounds by ozone oxidation in potable reuse applicationsPark, M; Anumol, T; Snyder, S.A 
42015N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) formation at anindirect potable reuse facilitySgroi M; Roccaro P; Oelker G.L; Snyder S.A 
52015Predicting trace organic compound breakthrough in granular activated carbon using fluorescence and UV absorbance as surrogatesAnumol T; Sgroi M; Park M; Roccaro P; Snyder S.A 
62015Rapid direct injection LC-MS/MS method for analysis of prioritized indicator compounds in wastewater effluentAnumol, T; Wu, S; Marques Dos Santos, M; Daniels, K.D; Snyder, S.A 
72015Synthesis mechanism and thermal optimization of an economical mesoporous material using silica: Implications for the effective removal or delivery of ibuprofenKittappa S.; Cui M.; Ramalingam M.; Ibrahim S.; Khim J.; Yoon Y.; Snyder S.A. ; Jang M.
82013Ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for rapid analysis of trace organic contaminants in waterAnumol, T; Merel, S; Clarke, B.O; Snyder, S.A 
92015Wastewater treatment and reuse: Past, present, and futureAngelakis, A.N; Snyder, S.A 
102015Water reuse in EU states: Necessity for uniform criteria to mitigate human and environmental risksParanychianakis N.V; Salgot M; Snyder S.A ; Angelakis A.N.