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12014A novel reporter system for neutralizing and enhancing antibody assay against dengue virusSong, K.-Y; Zhao, H; Jiang, Z.-Y; Li, X.-F; Deng, Y.-Q; Jiang, T; Zhu, S.-Y; Shi, P.-Y ; Zhang, B; Zhang, F.-C; Qin, E.-D; Qin, C.-F
22013A Single Amino Acid Substitution in the Core Protein of West Nile Virus Increases Resistance to Acidotropic CompoundsMartín-Acebes M.A.; Blázquez A.-B.; de Oya N.J.; Escribano-Romero E.; Shi P.-Y. ; Saiz J.-C.
32017A single-dose live-attenuated vaccine prevents Zika virus pregnancy transmission and testis damageShan, C; Muruato, A.E; Jagger, B.W; Richner, J; Nunes, B.T.D; Medeiros, D.B.A; Xie, X; Nunes, J.G.C; Morabito, K.M; Kong, W.-P; Pierson, T.C; Barrett, A.D; Weaver, S.C; Rossi, S.L; Vasconcelos, P.F.C; Graham, B.S; Diamond, M.S; Shi, P.-Y 
42018An evolutionary NS1 mutation enhances Zika virus evasion of host interferon inductionXia, H; Luo, H; Shan, C; Muruato, A.E; Nunes, B.T.D; Medeiros, D.B.A; Zou, J; Xie, X; Giraldo, M.I; Vasconcelos, P.F.C; Weaver, S.C; Wang, T; Rajsbaum, R; Shi, P.-Y 
52018Characterization of a candidate tetravalent vaccine based on 2’-O-methyltransferase mutantsZüst R.; Li S.-H.; Xie X.; Velumani S.; Chng M.; Toh Y.-X.; Zou J.; Dong H.; Shan C.; Pang J.; Qin C.-F.; Newell E.W.; Shi P.-Y. ; Fink K.
62010Crystal structure of the Dengue virus methyltransferase bound to a 5?-capped octameric RNAYap L.J.; Luo D.; Chung K.Y.; Lim S.P. ; Bodenreider C.; Noble C.; Shi P.-Y. ; Lescar J.
72017Dengue subgenomic flaviviral RNA disrupts immunity in mosquito salivary glands to increase virus transmissionPompon J. ; Manuel M.; Ng G.K.; Wong B.; Shan C.; Manokaran G.; Soto-Acosta R.; Bradrick S.S.; Ooi E.E. ; Missé D.; Shi P.-Y. ; Garcia-Blanco M.A.
82014Dengue Therapeutics, Chemoprophylaxis, and Allied Tools: State of the Art and Future DirectionsWhitehorn J.; Yacoub S.; Anders K.L.; Macareo L.R.; Cassetti M.C.; Nguyen Van V.C.; Shi P.-Y. ; Wills B.; Simmons C.P.
92018Development of a chimeric Zika vaccine using a licensed live-attenuated flavivirus vaccine as backboneLi, X.-F; Dong, H.-L; Wang, H.-J; Huang, X.-Y; Qiu, Y.-F; Ji, X; Ye, Q; Li, C; Liu, Y; Deng, Y.-Q; Jiang, T; Cheng, G; Zhang, F.-C; Davidson, A.D; Song, Y.-J; Shi, P.-Y ; Qin, C.-F
102017Evaluation of a novel reporter virus neutralization test for serological diagnosis of Zika and Dengue virus infectionShan, C; Ortiz, D.A; Yang, Y; Wong, S.J; Kramer, L.D; Shi, P.-Y ; Loeffelholz, M.J; Ren, P
112015Flexibility of NS5 methyltransferase-polymerase linker region is essential for dengue virus replicationZhao Y.; Soh T.S.; Chan K.W.K. ; Fung S.S.Y. ; Swaminathan K. ; Lim S.P. ; Shi P.-Y. ; Huber T.; Lescar J. ; Luo D.; Vasudevan S.G. 
122001Partial genetic characterization of West Nile virus strains, New York State, 2000Ebel, G.D; Dupuis II, A.P; Ngo, K; Nicholas, D; Kauffman, E; Jones, S.A; Young, D; Maffei, J; Shi, P.-Y ; Bernard, K; Kramer, L.D
132016Potent Allosteric Dengue Virus NS5 Polymerase Inhibitors: Mechanism of Action and Resistance ProfilingLim S.P. ; Noble C.G.; Seh C.C.; Soh T.S.; El Sahili A.; Chan G.K.Y. ; Lescar J.; Arora R.; Benson T.; Nilar S.; Manjunatha U. ; Wan K.F.; Dong H.; Xie X.; Shi P.-Y. ; Yokokawa F.
142013Rational Design of a Live Attenuated Dengue Vaccine: 2?-O-Methyltransferase Mutants Are Highly Attenuated and Immunogenic in Mice and MacaquesZüst R.; Dong H.; Li X.-F.; Chang D.C.; Zhang B.; Balakrishnan T.; Toh Y.-X.; Jiang T.; Li S.-H.; Deng Y.-Q.; Ellis B.R.; Ellis E.M.; Poidinger M. ; Zolezzi F.; Qin C.-F.; Shi P.-Y. ; Fink K.
152014The Interface between Methyltransferase and Polymerase of NS5 Is Essential for Flavivirus ReplicationLi X.-D.; Shan C.; Deng C.-L.; Ye H.-Q.; Shi P.-Y. ; Yuan Z.-M.; Gong P.; Zhang B.
162012Therapeutics for Dengue: Recommendations for Design and Conduct of Early-Phase Clinical TrialsSimmons C.P.; Wolbers M.; Nguyen M.N.; Whitehorn J.; Shi P.Y. ; Young P.; Petric R.; Nguyen V.V.C.; Farrar J.; Wills B.
172017Understanding zika virus stability and developing a chimeric vaccine through functional analysisXie, X; Yang, Y; Muruato, A.E; Zou, J; Shan, C; Nunes, B.T.D; Medeiros, D.B.A; Vasconcelos, P.F.C; Weaver, S.C; Rossi, S.L; Shi, P.-Y 
182013West Nile virus drug discoveryLim, S.P ; Shi, P.-Y 
192011West nile virus experimental evolution in vivo and the trade-off hypothesisDeardorff E.R.; Fitzpatrick K.A.; Jerzak G.V.S.; Shi P.-Y. ; Kramer L.D.; Ebel G.D.
202001West Nile virus infection in birds and mosquitoes, New York State, 2000Bernard, K.A; Maffei, J.G; Jones, S.A; Kauffman, E.B; Ebel, G.D; Dupuis II, A.P; Ngo, K.A; Nicholas, D.C; Young, D.M; Shi, P.-Y ; Kulasekera, V.L; Eidson, M; White, D.J; Stone, W.B; Backenson, P.B; Gotham, I; Hagiwara, Y; Johnson, G.S; Lukacik, G; Schmit, K; Willsey, A.L; Kramer, L.D