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Kunchithapadam Swaminathan
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Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam
Swaminathan, K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A Crystal Structure of the Dengue Virus NS5 Protein Reveals a Novel Inter-domain Interface Essential for Protein Flexibility and Virus ReplicationZhao Y.; Soh T.S.; Zheng J.; Chan K.W.K.; Phoo W.W.; Lee C.C.; Tay M.Y.F.; Swaminathan K. ; Cornvik T.C.; Lim S.P.; Shi P.-Y.; Lescar J.; Vasudevan S.G. ; Luo D.
223-Jul-2004A dimerized coiled-coil domain and an adjoining part of geminin interact with two sites on Cdt1 for replication inhibitionSaxena, S.; Yuan, P.; Dhar, S.K.; Senga, T.; Takeda, D.; Robinson, H.; Kornbluth, S.; Swaminathan, K. ; Dutta, A.
31-Apr-2003A HEX-1 crystal lattice required for Woronin body function in Neurospora crassaYuan, P.; Jedd, G.; Kumaran, D.; Swaminathan, S.; Shio, H.; Hewitt, D.; Chua, N.-H.; Swaminathan, K. 
416-Jan-2003A motif rich in charged residues determines product specificity in isomaltulose synthaseZhang, D.; Li, N. ; Swaminathan, K. ; Zhang, L.-H. 
51-Jul-2017Avathrin: a novel thrombin inhibitor derived from a multicopy precursor in the salivary glands of the ixodid tick, Amblyomma variegatumIyer, Janaki Krishnamoorthy; Koh, Cho Yeow ; Kazimirova, Maria; Roller, Ladislav; Jobichen, Chacko; Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam ; Mizuguchi, Jun; Iwanaga, Sadaaki; Nuttall, Patricia A; Chan, Mark Y ; Kini, R Manjunatha 
628-Mar-2012Chemoinformatic identification of novel inhibitors against Mycobacterium tuberculosis l-aspartate α-decarboxylaseSharma, R.; Kothapalli, R.; van Dongen, A.M.J. ; Swaminathan, K. 
715-May-2006Crystal structure of AmyA lacks acidic surface and provide insights into protein stability at poly-extreme conditionSivakumar, N.; Li, N.; Tang, J.W.; Patel, B.K.C.; Swaminathan, K. 
8Jun-2012Crystal structure of Arabidopsis cyclophilin38 reveals a previously uncharacterized immunophilin fold and a possible autoinhibitory mechanismVasudevan, D.; Fu, A.; Luan, S.; Swaminathan, K. 
92-Jul-2010Crystal structure of full-length Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv glycogen branching enzyme: Insights of N-terminal β-sandwich in substrate specificity and enzymatic activityPal, K.; Kumar, S.; Sharma, S.; Garg, S.K.; Alam, M.S.; Xu, H.E.; Agrawal, P.; Swaminathan, K. 
10Dec-2012Crystal structure of mouse RhoA:GTPcS complex in a centered latticeJobichen, C. ; Pal, K.; Swaminathan, K. 
112011Crystal structure of the PAC1R extracellular domain unifies a consensus fold for hormone recognition by class B G-protein coupled receptorsKumar, S.; Pioszak, A.; Zhang, C.; Swaminathan, K. ; Xu, H.E.
129-May-2008Crystal Structure of the Polyextremophilic α-Amylase AmyB from Halothermothrix orenii: Details of a Productive Enzyme-Substrate Complex and an N Domain with a Role in Binding Raw StarchTan, T.-C.; Mijts, B.N.; Swaminathan, K. ; Patel, B.K.C.; Divne, C.
132011Crystal structure of thrombin in complex with s-variegin: Insights of a novel mechanism of inhibition and design of tunable thrombin inhibitorsKoh, C.Y.; Kumar, S. ; Kazimirova, M.; Nuttall, P.A.; Radhakrishnan, U.P.; Kim, S.; Jagadeeswaran, P.; Imamura, T.; Mizuguchi, J.; Iwanaga, S.; Swaminathan, K. ; Kini, R. 
141-Dec-2006Crystal structure of uncleaved L-aspartate-α-decarboxylase from Mycobacterium tuberculosisGopalan, G.; Chopra, S.; Ranganathan, A.; Swaminathan, K. 
15Oct-2006Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of Salmonella typhi PilSTan, Y.Y.-W.; Mok, H.Y.-K. ; Saxena, A.M.; Balakrishna, A.M.; Swaminathan, K. 
16Dec-2003Crystallization of a novel α-amylase, AmyB, from the thermophilic halophile Halothermothrix oreniiTan, T.-C.; Yien, Y.Y.; Patel, B.K.C.; Mijts, B.N.; Swaminathan, K. 
171-Dec-2002Crystallization of an α-amylase, AmyA, from the thermophilic halophile Halothermothrix oreniiLi, N. ; Patel, B.K.C.; Mijts, B.N.; Swaminathan, K. 
18Mar-2011Cyclic AMP analog blocks kinase activation by stabilizing inactive conformation: Conformational selection highlights a new concept in allosteric inhibitor designBadireddy, S.; Yunfeng, G. ; Ritchie, M.; Akamine, P.; Wu, J.; Kim, C.W.; Taylor, S.S.; Qingsong, L. ; Swaminathan, K. ; Anand, G.S. 
1915-Mar-2012Enzymatic catalysis of anti-Baldwin ring closure in polyether biosynthesisHotta, K. ; Chen, X.; Paton, R.S.; Minami, A.; Li, H.; Swaminathan, K. ; Mathews, I.I.; Watanabe, K.; Oikawa, H.; Houk, K.N.; Kim, C.-Y. 
201-Jan-2003Expression, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of isomaltulose synthase (PalI) from Klebsiella sp. LX3Li, N. ; Zhang, D.; Zhang, L.-H. ; Swaminathan, K.