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11-Aug-2008Biosynthesis of the 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate moieties of petrobactin by Bacillus anthracisKoppisch, A.T.; Hotta, K. ; Fox, D.T.; Ruggiero, C.E.; Kim, C.-Y. ; Sanchez, T.; Iyer, S.; Browder, C.C.; Unkefer, P.J.; Unkefer, C.J.
22009Chapter 15 Plasmid-Borne Gene Cluster Assemblage and Heterologous Biosynthesis of Nonribosomal Peptides in Escherichia coliWatanabe, K.; Praseuth, A.P.; Praseuth, M.B.; Hotta, K. 
3Nov-2008Complete sequence of biosynthetic gene cluster responsible for producing triostin A and evaluation of quinomycin-type antibiotics from Streptomyces triostinicusPraseuth, A.P.; Wang, C.C.C.; Watanabe, K.; Hotta, K. ; Oguri, H.; Oikawa, H.
42014Conversion of a disulfide bond into a thioacetal group during echinomycin biosynthesisHotta, K. ; Keegan, R.M.; Ranganathan, S.; Fang, M.; Bibby, J.; Winn, M.D.; Sato, M.; Lian, M.; Watanabe, K.; Rigden, D.J.; Kim, C.-Y. 
52009Differences in the risk of celiac disease associated with HLA-DQ2.5 or HLA-DQ2.2 are related to sustained gluten antigen presentationFallang, L.-E.; Bergseng, E.; Hotta, K. ; Berg-Larsen, A.; Kim, C.-Y. ; Sollid, L.M.
615-Nov-2013Engineering the polyproline II propensity of a class II major histocompatibility complex ligand peptideUnudurthi, S.D.; Hotta, K. ; Kim, C.-Y. 
715-Mar-2012Enzymatic catalysis of anti-Baldwin ring closure in polyether biosynthesisHotta, K. ; Chen, X.; Paton, R.S.; Minami, A.; Li, H.; Swaminathan, K. ; Mathews, I.I.; Watanabe, K.; Oikawa, H.; Houk, K.N.; Kim, C.-Y. 
81-Apr-2011Enzymatic epoxide-opening cascades catalyzed by a pair of epoxide hydrolases in the ionophore polyether biosynthesisMinami, A.; Migita, A.; Inada, D.; Hotta, K. ; Watanabe, K.; Oguri, H.; Oikawa, H.
98-Jul-2009Escherichia coli allows efficient modular incorporation of newly isolated quinomycin biosynthetic enzyme into echinomycin biosynthetic pathway for rational design and synthesis of potent antibiotic unnatural natural productWatanabe, K.; Hotta, K. ; Nakaya, M.; Praseuth, A.P.; Wang, C.C.C.; Inada, D.; Takahashi, K.; Fukushi, E.; Oguri, H.; Oikawa, H.
10Apr-2012Establishing a New Methodology for Genome Mining and Biosynthesis of Polyketides and Peptides through Yeast Molecular GeneticsIshiuchi, K.; Nakazawa, T.; Ookuma, T.; Sugimoto, S.; Sato, M.; Tsunematsu, Y.; Ishikawa, N.; Noguchi, H.; Hotta, K. ; Moriya, H.; Watanabe, K.
11Apr-2012Overexpressing Transcriptional Regulator in Aspergillus oryzae Activates a Silent Biosynthetic Pathway to Produce a Novel PolyketideNakazawa, T.; Ishiuchi, K.; Praseuth, A.; Noguchi, H.; Hotta, K. ; Watanabe, K.
12Jul-2012Overexpressing transcriptional regulator in Chaetomium globosum activates a silent biosynthetic pathway: Evaluation of shanorellin biosynthesisTsunematsu, Y.; Ichinoseki, S.; Nakazawa, T.; Ishikawa, N.; Noguchi, H.; Hotta, K. ; Watanabe, K.
1317-Aug-2009Rationally engineered total biosynthesis of a synthetic analogue of a natural quinomycin depsipeptide in Escherichia coliWatanabe, K.; Hotta, K. ; Praseuth, A.P.; Searcey, M.; Wang, C.C.C.; Oguri, H.; Oikawa, H.
14Jul-2010Siderophore-mediated iron acquisition in Bacillus anthracis and related strainsHotta, K. ; Kim, C.-Y. ; Fox, D.T.; Koppisch, A.T.
1520-Apr-2012Structural and functional studies of trans-encoded HLA-DQ2.3 (DQA1*03:01/DQB1*02:01) protein moleculeTollefsen, S.; Hotta, K. ; Chen, X.; Simonsen, B.; Swaminathan, K. ; Mathews, I.I.; Sollid, L.M.; Kim, C.-Y. 
1625-Nov-2008The missing link in petrobactin biosynthesis: asbF encodes a (-)-3-dehydroshikimate dehydrataseFox, D.T.; Hotta, K. ; Kim, C.-Y. ; Koppisch, A.T.