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Yang Hyunsoo
Yang Hyun Soo
Yang, H.
Yang, Hyunsoo
Yang H
Yang H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2012A novel approach of carbon embedding in magnetic media for future head/disk interfaceAbdul Samad, M. ; Xiong, S.; Pan, L.; Yang, H. ; Sinha, S.K. ; Bogy, D.B.; Bhatia, C.S. 
2Mar-2012A practical superhydrophilic self cleaning and antireflective surface for outdoor photovoltaic applicationsSon, J.; Kundu, S.; Verma, L.K. ; Sakhuja, M.; Danner, A.J. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Yang, H. 
327-Dec-2010Ambipolar bistable switching effect of grapheneShin, Y.J.; Kwon, J.H.; Kalon, G. ; Lam, K.-T.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Liang, G. ; Yang, H. 
41-Apr-2014An ultrathin multilayer TiN/SiN wear resistant coating for advanced magnetic tape drive headsRismani, E.; Yeo, R.; Mirabolghasemi, H.; Kwek, W.M.; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S. 
527-Mar-2014Angular and temperature dependence of current induced spin-orbit effective fields in Ta/CoFeB/MgO nanowiresQiu, X.; Deorani, P.; Narayanapillai, K.; Lee, K.-S.; Lee, K.-J.; Lee, H.-W.; Yang, H. 
616-Sep-2013Antibacterial effect of light emitting diodes of visible wavelengths on selected foodborne pathogens at different illumination temperaturesGhate, V.S.; Ng, K.S.; Zhou, W. ; Yang, H. ; Khoo, G.H.; Yoon, W.-B.; Yuk, H.-G. 
72015Asymmetric spin-wave dispersion due to Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in an ultrathin Pt/CoFeB filmDi, Kai; Zhang, Vanessali; Lim, Hock Siah ; Ng, Ser Choon; Kuok, Meng Hau ; Qiu, Xuepeng ; Yang, Hyunsoo 
812-Mar-2012Attenuation characteristics of spin-pumping signal due to traveling spin wavesMukherjee, S.S.; Deorani, P.; Kwon, J.H.; Yang, H. 
92015Augmentation of coercivity in nanocrystalline SrRuO3 thin film and its spin glass behaviorHuang Xiao Lei ; Eginligil Mustafa ; Yang Hyun Soo ; Ding Jun 
1023-Jul-2012Biaxial strain effect of spin dependent tunneling in MgO magnetic tunnel junctionsSahadevan, A.M.; Tiwari, R.K.; Kalon, G. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Saeys, M. ; Yang, H. 
11May-2013Characterization of magnetostatic surface spin waves in magnetic thin films: Evaluation for microelectronic applicationsKwon, J.H.; Mukherjee, S.S.; Deorani, P.; Hayashi, M.; Yang, H. 
1223-May-2011Coexistence of the Kondo effect and a ferromagnetic phase in magnetic tunnel junctionsYang, H. ; Yang, S.-H.; Ilnicki, G.; Martinek, J.; Parkin, S.S.P.
1318-Nov-2013Conductance modulation in topological insulator Bi2Se 3 thin films with ionic liquid gatingSon, J.; Banerjee, K.; Brahlek, M.; Koirala, N.; Lee, S.-K.; Ahn, J.-H.; Oh, S.; Yang, H. 
1416-Dec-2013Control of domain wall motion at vertically etched nanotrench in ferromagnetic nanowiresNarayanapillai, K.; Yang, H. 
156-Apr-2009Current-induced control of spin-wave attenuationSeo, S.-M.; Lee, K.-J.; Yang, H. ; Ono, T.
16Jan-2012Deep anisotropic LiNbO 3 etching with SF 6/Ar inductively coupled plasmasJun, D.; Wei, J.; Png, C.E.; Guangyuan, S.; Son, J.; Yang, H. ; Danner, A.J. 
1713-Jun-2011Design and fabrication of high efficiency power coupler between different photonic crystal waveguidesJia, W.; Deng, J.; Sahadevan, A.M.; Wu, H.; Jiang, L.; Li, X.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Yang, H. ; Danner, A.J. 
186-Aug-2012Detection of domain wall eigenfrequency in infinity-shaped magnetic nanostructuresJamali, M.; Narayanapillai, K.; Hyun Kwon, J.; Yang, H. 
19May-2013Developing an (Al,Ti)NxCy interlayer to improve the durability of the Ta-C coating on magnetic recording headsRismani, E.; Yeo, R.; Sinha, S.K. ; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S. 
20Jun-2012Development of a ta-C wear resistant coating with composite interlayer for recording heads of magnetic tape drivesRismani, E.; Sinha, S.K. ; Yang, H. ; Tripathy, S.; Bhatia, C.S.