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Zhuo Bin Siu
Siu, Z.B.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Anomalous magnetoresistance in magnetized topological insulator cylindersSiu, Z.B. ; Jalil, M.B.A. 
21-Apr-2019Anomalous Photothermoelectric Transport Due to Anisotropic Energy Dispersion in WTe2WANG, QISHENG ; YESILYURT, CAN; LIU, FUCAI; SIU ZHUO BIN ; CAI, KAIMING ; KUMAR, DUSHYANT ; LIU, ZHENG; JALIL, MANSOOR BA ; YANG, HYUNSOO 
312-Mar-2019Anomalous Photothermoelectric Transport Due to Anisotropic Energy Dispersion in WTe2Qisheng Wang ; Can Yesilyurt; Fucai Liu; Zhuo Bin Siu ; Kaiming Cai ; Dushyant Kumar ; Zheng Liu; Mansoor B. A. Jalil ; Hyunsoo Yang 
42018Curvature induced quantum phase transitions in an electron-hole systemSiu, Z.B ; Chang, J.-Y; Tan, S.G; Jalil, M.B.A ; Chang, C.-R
52016Dirac semimetal thin films in in-plane magnetic fieldsSiu, Z.B ; Jalil, M.B.A ; Tan, S.G
62017Effect of surface state hybridization on current-induced spin-orbit torque in thin topological insulator filmsHo, C.S ; Wang, Y ; Siu, Z.B ; Tan, S.G; Jalil, M.B.A ; Yang, H 
77-Apr-2021Effective Hamiltonian for silicene under arbitrary strain from multi-orbital basisSiu, Zhuo Bin ; Jalil, Mansoor B. A. 
82017Effective Hamiltonian for surface states of topological insulator nanotubesSiu Z.B. ; Tan S.G. ; Jalil M.B.A. 
92016Effective Hamiltonian for surface states of topological insulator thin films with hexagonal warpingSiu, Z.B ; Tan, S.G; Jalil, M.B.A 
102019Electrically tunable valley polarization in Weyl semimetals with tilted energy dispersionYesilyurt, C.; Siu, Z.B. ; Tan, S.G.; Liang, G. ; Yang, S.A.; Jalil, M.B.A. 
1120-Mar-2019Electronic transport properties of Weyl semimetals with strain-induced gauge fieldsXu, Zhonghui; SIU ZHUO BIN ; ANIRBAN KUNDU ; Yesilyurt, Can; Sun, Chi; Chen, Tong; MANSOOR BIN ABDUL JALIL 
122015Gauge Physics of Spin Hall EffectTan S.G. ; Jalil M.B.A. ; Ho C.S. ; Siu Z. ; Murakami S.
132017Influence of Fermi arc states and double Weyl node on tunneling in a Dirac semimetalSiu, Z.B ; Yesilyurt, C; Jalil, M.B.A ; Tan, S.G
142020Magnetotransport of Weyl semimetals with tilted Dirac conesKundu, A. ; Siu, Z.B. ; Yang, H. ; Jalil, M.B.A. 
151-Mar-2021Non-Hermitian topological phases and exceptional lines in topolectrical circuitsRafi-Ul-Islam, S. M. ; Siu, Z.B. ; Jalil, Mansoor B. A. 
162017Quantum Capacitance of a Topological Insulator-Ferromagnet InterfaceSiu, Z.B ; Chowdhury, D; Jalil, M.B.A ; Basu, B
172020Realization of Weyl semimetal phases in topoelectrical circuitsRafi-Ul-Islam, S.M. ; Siu, Z.B. ; Sun, C. ; Jalil, M.B.A. 
182020Topoelectrical circuit realization of a Weyl semimetal heterojunctionRafi-Ul-Islam, S.M.; Bin Siu, Z. ; Jalil, M.B.A. 
192020Zitterbewegung-mediated RKKY coupling in topological insulator thin filmsHo, C.S. ; Tan, S.G. ; Siu, Zhuo Bin ; Jalil, M.B.A.