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Mansoor Bin Abdul Jalil
Abdul Jalil, M.B.
Jalil, M.B.A.
Jalil, M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2010A self-consistent SDD-NEGF approach for modelling magnetic tunnel junctionsSiu, Z.B.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G. ; Wang, J.-S. 
22008A study of spin relaxation on spin transfer switching of a noncollinear magnetic multilayer structureChung, N.L.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G.; Guo, J. ; Kumar, S.B. 
3Jun-2010Achieving highly localized effective magnetic fields with non-uniform rashba spin-orbit coupling for tunable spin current in metal/semiconductor/metal structuresFujita, T. ; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G.
4Jan-2007Advanced modeling techniques for micromagnetic systemsJalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G. ; Cheng, X.Z. 
51-May-2009Analysis of spin transfer torque in Co/Cu/Co pseudo-spin-valve with perpendicular magnetic anisotropyJalil, M.B.A. ; Guo, J. ; Tan, S.G.
616-Aug-2007Analytical solution to transport in Brownian ratchets via the Gambler's ruin modelCheng, X.Z. ; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Lee, H.K.
72015Anomalous magnetoresistance in magnetized topological insulator cylindersSiu, Z.B. ; Jalil, M.B.A. 
81-Apr-2019Anomalous Photothermoelectric Transport Due to Anisotropic Energy Dispersion in WTe2WANG, QISHENG ; YESILYURT, CAN; LIU, FUCAI; SIU ZHUO BIN ; CAI, KAIMING ; KUMAR, DUSHYANT ; LIU, ZHENG; JALIL, MANSOOR BA ; YANG, HYUNSOO 
92007Bias current effects on the magnetoresistance of a ferromagnetic- semiconductor-ferromagnetic trilayerBala Kumar, S.; Tan, S.G.; Jalil, M.B.A. 
108-Nov-2013Bistable perpendicular switching with in-plane spin polarization and without external fieldsEason, K.; Tan, S.G. ; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Khoo, J.Y.
1115-May-2003Bit isolation in periodic antidot arrays using transverse applied fieldsJalil, M.B.A. 
122008Boltzmann transport study of bulk and interfacial spin depolarization effects in spin valvesMa, M.J. ; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G. ; Han, G.C. 
1322-Aug-2012Charge fractionalization in biased bilayer grapheneMartinez, J.C. ; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G. 
149-Apr-2014Chiral tunneling modulated by a time-periodic potential on the surface states of a topological insulatorLi, Y.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G.; Zhao, W.; Bai, R.; Zhou, G.H.
1515-Feb-2004Coherent and stochastic charge tunneling in ferromagnetic single electron transistorsJalil, M.B.A. ; Wang, X.
161-Jun-2005Combined ballistic and diffusive model of spin-polarized current-induced magnetization switching in pseudo-spin-valve structureGuo, J. ; Jalil, M.B.A. 
174-Mar-2002Comment on "spin filtering in a magnetic-electric barrier structure" [Appl. Phys. Lett. 78, 2184 (2001)]Jiang, Y.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Low, T.S. 
182009Conductance modulation and spin polarization in anisotropic Rashba ring interferometersJalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G. 
192015Contact Effects in thin 3D-Topological Insulators: How does the current flow?Gupta, G ; Jalil, M.B.A ; Liang, G 
2030-Nov-2003Controllable spin-filtering and magnetoconductance in a novel hybrid FM/2DEG/FM structureJiang, Y.; Jalil, M.B.A.