Full Name
Jian Sheng Wang
Jian-Sheng, W.
Wang, Jian-Sheng
Wang Jian Sheng
Wana, J.-S.
Wang, J.-S.
Wang, J.
Wang J.-S.
Wang, J.S.
Jian Sheng Wang
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2003A comparison of extremal optimization with flat-histogram and equal-hit dynamics for finding spin-glass ground statesWang, J.-S. ; Okabe, Y.
223-Sep-2002A Monte Carlo simulation of B-site order-disorder transformation in Pb(Sc1/2Ta1/2)O3 triggered by mechanical activationGao, X.S. ; Lim, J.; Xue, J.M. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Liu, J.-M.; Wang, J. 
31996A Monte Carlo study of wetting transitions in polymer blends confined to a capillaryPereira, G.G. ; Wang, J.-S. 
41-Jan-2011A nonequilibrium Green's function study of thermoelectric properties in single-walled carbon nanotubesJiang, J.-W. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
52015A review on the flexural mode of graphene: Lattice dynamics, thermal conduction, thermal expansion, elasticity and nanomechanical resonanceJiang Jin Wu; Wang Bing Shen; Wang Jian Sheng 
6Jun-2010A self-consistent SDD-NEGF approach for modelling magnetic tunnel junctionsSiu, Z.B.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G. ; Wang, J.-S. 
715-Dec-2010A universal exponential factor in the dimensional crossover from graphene to graphiteJiang, J.-W. ; Wang, J.-S. 
810-Feb-2002Adsorption and diffusion of Si on the Si(001): An empirical potential calculationCai, J. ; Wang, J.-S. 
91996An algorithm for series expansions based on hierarchical rate equationsGan, C.K.; Wang, J.-S. 
108-Oct-2009Analytical description of Ogston-regime biomolecule separation using nanofilters and nanoporesLi, Z.R.; Liu, G.R. ; Han, J.; Cheng, Y.; Chen, Y.Z. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Hadjiconstantinou, N.G.
1122-Apr-2020Angular momentum radiation from current-carrying molecular junctionsZhang, Zu-Quan ; Lu, Jing-Tao ; Wang, Jian-Sheng 
12Jul-1999Anisotropic finite-size scaling analysis of a three-dimensional driven-diffusive systemLeung, K.-T.; Wang, J.-S. 
13Mar-1996Anisotropic finite-size scaling analysis of a two-dimensional driven diffusive systemWang, J.-S. 
1421-Jan-2011Anomalous thermal transport in disordered harmonic chains and carbon nanotubesNi, X.; Leek, M.L.; Wang, J.-S. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Li, B. 
15Mar-2004Atomistic and continuum simulation on extension behaviour of single crystal with nano-holesWu, H.A. ; Liu, G.R. ; Wang, J.S. 
1615-Oct-2008Ballistic magnetothermal transport in a Heisenberg spin chain at low temperaturesZhang, L. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
1722-Mar-2010Ballistic thermal rectification in nanoscale three-terminal junctionsZhang, L. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
181-Apr-2003Binary tree summation Monte Carlo simulation for Potts modelsWang, J.-S. 
192015Boosting thermoelectric efficiency using time-dependent controlZhou, H; Thingna, J; H„nggi, P ; Wang, J.-S ; Li, B 
2023-Jan-2013Boron diffusion induced symmetry reduction and scattering in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctionsBai, Z.; Shen, L. ; Wu, Q.; Zeng, M. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Han, G.; Feng, Y.P.