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11-Apr-2019Anomalous Photothermoelectric Transport Due to Anisotropic Energy Dispersion in WTe2WANG, QISHENG ; YESILYURT, CAN; LIU, FUCAI; SIU ZHUO BIN ; CAI, KAIMING ; KUMAR, DUSHYANT ; LIU, ZHENG; JALIL, MANSOOR BA ; YANG, HYUNSOO 
22019Electric-field control of spin accumulation direction for spin-orbit torquesMishra, R ; Mahfouzi, F; Kumar, D ; Cai, K ; Chen, M; Qiu, X; Kioussis, N; Yang, H 
32019Nonlinear magnetotransport shaped by Fermi surface topology and convexityHe, P. ; Hsu, C.-H. ; Shi, S. ; Cai, K. ; Wang, J. ; Wang, Q. ; Eda, G. ; Lin, H.; Pereira, V.M. ; Yang, H. 
42018Nonvolatile infrared memory in MoS2/PbS van der Waals heterostructuresWang, Q. ; Wen, Y.; Cai, K. ; Cheng, R.; Yin, L.; Zhang, Y.; Li, J.; Wang, Z.; Wang, F.; Wang, F.; Shifa, T.A.; Jiang, C.; Yang, H..; He, J.
52018Oscillatory spin-orbit torque switching induced by field-like torquesLee, J.M. ; Kwon, J.H. ; Ramaswamy, R.; Yoon, J. ; Son, J. ; Qiu, X.; Mishra, R. ; Srivastava, S. ; Cai, K. ; Yang, H. 
62016Piezo Voltage Controlled Planar Hall Effect DevicesZhang, B; Meng, K.-K; Yang, M.-Y; Edmonds, K.W; Zhang, H; Cai, K.-M ; Sheng, Y; Zhang, N; Ji, Y; Zhao, J.-H; Zheng, H.-Z; Wang, K.-Y
72018Room-Temperature Nanoseconds Spin Relaxation in WTe2 and MoTe2 Thin FilmsWang, Q ; Li, J; Besbas, J ; Hsu, C.-H ; Cai, K ; Yang, L; Cheng, S; Wu, Y ; Zhang, W; Wang, K; Chang, T.-R; Lin, H ; Chang, H; Yang, H 
82016Spin-orbit torque in Pt/CoNiCo/Pt symmetric devicesYang, M; Cai, K ; Ju, H; Edmonds, K.W; Yang, G; Liu, S; Li, B; Zhang, B; Sheng, Y; Wang, S; Ji, Y; Wang, K
92015Strong enhancement of photoresponsivity with shrinking the electrodes spacing in few layer GaSe photodetectorsCao, Y; Cai, K ; Hu, P; Zhao, L; Yan, T; Luo, W; Zhang, X; Wu, X; Wang, K; Zheng, H