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12015A Weyl Fermion semimetal with surface Fermi arcs in the transition metal monopnictide TaAs classHuang, S.-M; Xu, S.-Y; Belopolski, I; Lee, C.-C ; Chang, G; Wang, B ; Alidoust, N; Bian, G; Neupane, M; Zhang, C; Jia, S; Bansil, A ; Lin, H ; Hasan, M.Z
22018Atomically thin noble metal dichalcogenide: A broadband mid-infrared semiconductorYu, X; Yu, P; Wu, D; Singh, B ; Zeng, Q; Lin, H ; Zhou, W; Lin, J; Suenaga, K; Liu, Z; Wang, Q.J
32016Discovery of a new type of topological Weyl fermion semimetal state in MoxW1-xTe2Belopolski, I; Sanchez, D.S; Ishida, Y; Pan, X; Yu, P; Xu, S.-Y; Chang, G; Chang, T.-R; Zheng, H; Alidoust, N; Bian, G; Neupane, M; Huang, S.-M; Lee, C.-C; Song, Y; Bu, H; Wang, G; Li, S ; Eda, G ; Jeng, H.-T; Kondo, T; Lin, H ; Liu, Z; Song, F; Shin, S; Zahid Hasan, M
42015Electrically tunable in-plane anisotropic magnetoresistance in topological insulator BiSbTeSe2 NanodevicesLu Y. ; Xu W. ; Zeng M. ; Yao G. ; Shen L. ; Yang M. ; Luo Z. ; Pan F. ; Wu K. ; Das T. ; He P.; Jiang J.; Martin J. ; Feng Y.P. ; Lin H. ; Wang X.-S. 
52014Hydrogenated ultra-thin tin films predicted as two-dimensional topological insulatorsChou, B.-H; Huang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C; Liu, Y.-T ; Lin, H ; Bansil, A 
62016Multiple unpinned Dirac points in group-Va single-layers with phosphorene structureLu, Y; Zhou, D; Chang, G; Guan, S; Chen, W; Jiang, Y; Jiang, J; Wang, X.-S ; Yang, S.A; Feng, Y.P ; Kawazoe, Y; Lin, H 
72015Nanoscale determination of the mass enhancement factor in the lightly doped bulk insulator lead selenideZeljkovic I.; Scipioni K.L.; Walkup D.; Okada Y.; Zhou W.; Sankar R.; Chang G.; Wang Y.J.; Lin H. ; Bansil A.; Chou F.; Wang Z.; Madhavan V.
82017Nexus fermions in topological symmorphic crystalline metalsChang, G; Xu, S.-Y; Huang, S.-M; Sanchez, D.S; Hsu, C.-H ; Bian, G; Yu, Z.-M; Belopolski, I; Alidoust, N; Zheng, H; Chang, T.-R; Jeng, H.-T; Yang, S.A; Neupert, T; Lin, H ; Hasan, M.Z
97-Jul-2015Non-Kondo-like electronic structure in the correlated rare-earth hexaboride Yb B6Neupane, Madhab; Xu, Suyang; Alidoust, Nasser; Bian, Guang; Kim, D. J.; Liu, Chang; Belopolski, Ilya; Chang, Tayrong; Jeng, Horngtay; Durakiewicz, Tomasz D.; Lin, Hsin ; Bansil, Arun; Fisk, Zachary; Hasan, Md Zahid
102015Observation of Fermi arc surface states in a topological metalXu, Suyang; Liu, Chang; Kushwaha, Satya Kumar; Sankar, R; Krizan, Jason W; Belopolski, Ilya; Neupane, Madhab; Bian, Guang; Alidoust, Nasser; Chang, Tayrong; Jeng, Horngtay; Huang, Chengyi; Tsai, Weifeng; Lin, Hsin ; Shibayev, Pavel P; Chou, Pavel P; Cava, Robert Joseph; Hasan, Md Zahid
112016Prediction of an arc-tunable Weyl Fermion metallic state in MoxW1-xTe2Chang, T.-R; Xu, S.-Y; Chang, G; Lee, C.-C ; Huang, S.-M; Wang, B ; Bian, G; Zheng, H; Sanchez, D.S; Belopolski, I; Alidoust, N; Neupane, M; Bansil, A ; Jeng, H.-T; Lin, H ; Zahid Hasan, M
1229-Nov-2018Reproduction of the Charge Density Wave Phase Diagram in 1T-TiSe2 Exposes its Excitonic CharacterCHEN CHUAN ; Singh, Bahadur ; Lin, Hsin ; Pereira, Vitor M 
132016Room-temperature magnetic topological Weyl fermion and nodal line semimetal states in half-metallic Heusler Co2 TiX (X=Si, Ge, or Sn)Chang, G; Xu, S.-Y; Zheng, H; Singh, B ; Hsu, C.-H ; Bian, G; Alidoust, N; Belopolski, I; Sanchez, D.S; Zhang, S; Lin, H ; Hasan, M.Z
142018Room-Temperature Nanoseconds Spin Relaxation in WTe2 and MoTe2 Thin FilmsWang, Q ; Li, J; Besbas, J ; Hsu, C.-H ; Cai, K ; Yang, L; Cheng, S; Wu, Y ; Zhang, W; Wang, K; Chang, T.-R; Lin, H ; Chang, H; Yang, H 
152017Signatures of a time-reversal symmetric Weyl semimetal with only four Weyl pointsBelopolski, I; Yu, P; Sanchez, D.S; Ishida, Y; Chang, T.-R; Zhang, S.S; Xu, S.-Y; Zheng, H; Chang, G; Bian, G; Jeng, H.-T; Kondo, T; Lin, H ; Liu, Z; Shin, S; Hasan, M.Z
162016Signatures of the Adler-Bell-Jackiw chiral anomaly in a Weyl fermion semimetalZhang, C.-L; Xu, S.-Y; Belopolski, I; Yuan, Z; Lin, Z; Tong, B; Bian, G; Alidoust, N; Lee, C.-C ; Huang, S.-M; Chang, T.-R; Chang, G; Hsu, C.-H ; Jeng, H.-T; Neupane, M; Sanchez, D.S; Zheng, H; Wang, J; Lin, H ; Zhang, C; Lu, H.-Z; Shen, S.-Q; Neupert, T; Hasan, M.Z; Jia, S
172014Strain driven topological phase transitions in atomically thin films of group IV and v elements in the honeycomb structuresHuang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C ; Liu, Y.-T ; Lin, H ; Su, W.-S; Ozolins, V; Bansil, A 
182015The nontrivial electronic structure of Bi/Sb honeycombs on SiC(0001)Hsu C.-H.; Huang Z.-Q.; Chuang F.-C.; Kuo C.-C.; Liu Y.-T. ; Lin H. ; Bansil A.
192016Topological nodal-line fermions in spin-orbit metal PbTaSe2Bian, G; Chang, T.-R; Sankar, R; Xu, S.-Y; Zheng, H; Neupert, T; Chiu, C.-K; Huang, S.-M; Chang, G; Belopolski, I; Sanchez, D.S; Neupane, M; Alidoust, N; Liu, C; Wang, B ; Lee, C.-C ; Jeng, H.-T; Zhang, C; Yuan, Z; Jia, S; Bansil, A ; Chou, F; Lin, H ; Hasan, M.Z
2025-Nov-2013Topological phase transition and two-dimensional topological insulators in Ge-based thin filmsSingh, B.; Lin, H. ; Prasad, R.; Bansil, A.