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Bhatia, Charanjit Singh
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Singh Bhatia, C.
Bhatia, C.S.
Bhatia, Charanjit Singh


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021A Comprehensive Fundamental Understanding of Atomic Layer Deposited Titanium Oxide Films for c-Si Solar Cell ApplicationsLiao, B; Dwivedi, N; Wang, Q; Yeo, RJ; Aberle, AG; Bhatia, CS ; Danner, A 
2May-2012A novel approach of carbon embedding in magnetic media for future head/disk interfaceAbdul Samad, M. ; Xiong, S.; Pan, L.; Yang, H. ; Sinha, S.K. ; Bogy, D.B.; Bhatia, C.S. 
3Mar-2012A practical superhydrophilic self cleaning and antireflective surface for outdoor photovoltaic applicationsSon, J.; Kundu, S.; Verma, L.K. ; Sakhuja, M.; Danner, A.J. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Yang, H. 
427-Dec-2010Ambipolar bistable switching effect of grapheneShin, Y.J.; Kwon, J.H.; Kalon, G. ; Lam, K.-T.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Liang, G. ; Yang, H. 
51-Apr-2014An ultrathin multilayer TiN/SiN wear resistant coating for advanced magnetic tape drive headsRismani, E.; Yeo, R.; Mirabolghasemi, H.; Kwek, W.M.; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S. 
62014Bi-level surface modification of hard disk media by carbon using filtered cathodic vacuum arc: Reduced overcoat thickness without reduced corrosion performanceYeo, R.J.; Rismani, E.; Dwivedi, N.; Blackwood, D.J. ; Tan, H.R.; Zhang, Z.; Tripathy, S.; Bhatia, C.S. 
723-Jul-2012Biaxial strain effect of spin dependent tunneling in MgO magnetic tunnel junctionsSahadevan, A.M.; Tiwari, R.K.; Kalon, G. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Saeys, M. ; Yang, H. 
8Apr-2012Bulk heterojunction formation with induced concentration gradient from a bilayer structure of P3HT:CdSe/ZnS quantum dots using inter-diffusion process for developing high efficiency solar cellDixit, S.K.; Madan, S.; Madhwal, D.; Kumar, J.; Singh, I.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Bhatnagar, P.K.; Mathur, P.C.
92011Characterization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film solar cell defects using optical beam induced current imaging and focused ion beam cross-sectioning techniqueMeng, L.; Steen, S.; Koo, C.K. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Street, A.G.; Joshi, P.; Kim, Y.H.; Phang, J.C.H. 
102012Characterization of near field transducers for high density heat assisted magnetic recording combined with FePt recording mediaHussain, S.; Siew, S.Y.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Hyunsoo Yang; Danner, A.J. 
117-Sep-2013Deposition temperature independent excellent passivation of highly boron doped silicon emitters by thermal atomic layer deposited Al2O 3Liao, B.; Stangl, R.; Ma, F. ; Hameiri, Z.; Mueller, T.; Chi, D.; Aberle, A.G. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Hoex, B. 
1213-Jun-2011Design and fabrication of high efficiency power coupler between different photonic crystal waveguidesJia, W.; Deng, J.; Sahadevan, A.M.; Wu, H.; Jiang, L.; Li, X.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Yang, H. ; Danner, A.J. 
132012Design of track following controller of dual actuated HDD servo for 10 Tb/in2 magnetic recordingKeikha, E.; Chamanbaz, M.; Al-Mamun, A.; Bhatia, C.S. 
14May-2013Developing an (Al,Ti)NxCy interlayer to improve the durability of the Ta-C coating on magnetic recording headsRismani, E.; Yeo, R.; Sinha, S.K. ; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S. 
15Jun-2012Development of a ta-C wear resistant coating with composite interlayer for recording heads of magnetic tape drivesRismani, E.; Sinha, S.K. ; Yang, H. ; Tripathy, S.; Bhatia, C.S. 
162010Development, characterization and interface engineering of films for enhanced amorphous silicon solar cell performanceJoshi, P.; Steen, S.; Sivakumar, K.; Yang, W.K.; Rossnagel, S.; Mittal, S.; Steiner, M.; Neumayer, D.; Kim, Y.H.; Nagalingam, D. ; Meng, L.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Phang, J.C.H. 
17Sep-2011Distinguishing morphological and electrical defects in polycrystalline silicon solar cells using scanning electron acoustic microscopy and electron beam induced currentMeng, L.; Nagalingam, D. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Street, A.G.; Phang, J.C.H. 
182015Dual-stage nanopositioning scheme for 10 Tbit/in2 hard disk drives with a shear-mode piezoelectric single-crystal microactuatorZhang, L.; Yao, K. ; Keikha,, E.; Chen, Y.F.; Rahman, M.A.; Mamun, A.A.; Bhatia, C.S. 
192012Effect of angstrom-scale surface roughness on the self-assembly of polystyrene-polydimethylsiloxane block copolymerKundu, S.; Ganesan, R.; Gaur, N.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Hussain, H.; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S. 
2017-Mar-2014Effect of FePt on resonant behaviour of a near field transducer for high areal density heat assisted magnetic recordingHussain, S.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Yang, H. ; Danner, A.J.