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16-Apr-2009A NOR-AND quantum running gate moleculeRenaud, N.; Ito, M.; Shangguan, W. ; Saeys, M. ; Hliwa, M.; Joachim, C.
22008A theoretical study of atomic wires and atomic junctions created on a Molybdenum disulfide surfaceOtalvaro, D.M. ; Yong, K.S.; Tiwari, R.K.; Saeys, M. ; Joachim, C.
317-Sep-2009A triphenylamine-based conjugated polymer with donor-acceptor architecture as organic sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cellsZhang, W. ; Fang, Z. ; Su, M.; Saeys, M. ; Liu, B. 
4Feb-2004Ab Initio Group Contribution Method for Activation Energies for Radical AdditionsSaeys, M. ; Reyniers, M.-F.; Marin, G.B.; Van Speybroeck, V.; Waroquier, M.
516-Jan-2006Ab initio group contribution method for activation energies of hydrogen abstraction reactionsSaeys, M. ; Reyniers, M.-F.; Van Speybroeck, V.; Waroquier, M.; Marin, G.B.
69-Jul-2009Ab initio reaction path analysis for the initial hydrogen abstraction from organic acids by hydroxyl radicalsSun, W.; Yang, L. ; Yu, L. ; Saeys, M. 
717-Feb-2005Ab initio reaction path analysis of benzene hydrogenation to cyclohexane on Pt(111)Saeys, M. ; Reyniers, M.-F.; Neurock, M.; Marin, G.B.
815-Aug-2006Adsorption of cyclohexadiene, cyclohexene and cyclohexane on Pt(1 1 1)Saeys, M. ; Reyniers, M.-F.; Neurock, M.; Marin, G.B.
914-Jun-2011Aryl Fluoride Reductive Elimination from PdII Complexes: A Descriptor to Guide Ligand SelectionCui, L.; Saeys, M. 
1023-Jul-2012Biaxial strain effect of spin dependent tunneling in MgO magnetic tunnel junctionsSahadevan, A.M.; Tiwari, R.K.; Kalon, G. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Saeys, M. ; Yang, H. 
1122-May-2008Calculation of the conductance of a finite atomic line of sulfur vacancies created on a molybdenum disulfide surfaceYong, K.S.; Otalvaro, D.M. ; Duchemin, I.; Saeys, M. ; Joachim, C.
129-Sep-2010Carbon deposition on Co catalysts during Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: A computational and experimental studyFei Tan, K.; Xu, J.; Chang, J.; Borgna, A.; Saeys, M. 
13Apr-2007Coking mechanism and promoter design for Ni-based catalysts: A first principles studyJing, X.; Saeys, M. 
14Jul-2012Computational and experimental study of the Volcano behavior of the oxygen reduction activity of PdM@PdPt/C (M = Pt, Ni, Co, Fe, and Cr) core-shell electrocatalystsTrinh, Q.T.; Yang, J.; Lee, J.Y. ; Saeys, M. 
1518-May-2010Conductance decay of a surface hydrogen tunneling junction fabricated along a Si(001)- (2×1 ) -H atomic wireKawai, H.; Yeo, Y.K.; Saeys, M. ; Joachim, C.
16Sep-2011Construction of an ab initio kinetic model for industrial ethane pyrolysisSun, W.; Saeys, M. 
1726-Nov-2013Contacting a conjugated molecule with a surface dangling bond dimer on a hydrogenated Ge(001) surface allows imaging of the hidden ground electronic stateGodlewski, S.; Kolmer, M.; Kawai, H.; Such, B.; Zuzak, R.; Saeys, M. ; De Mendoza, P.; Echavarren, A.M.; Joachim, C.; Szymonski, M.
182012Controlled manipulation of CO oxidation rate on Pt/anatase via the schwab effectSeebauer, E.G.; Saeys, M. ; Chua, Y.P.G.
19Mar-2014Controlling the CO oxidation rate over Pt/TiO2 catalysts by defect engineering of the TiO2 supportChua, Y.P.G.; Gunasooriya, G.T.K.K.; Saeys, M. ; Seebauer, E.G.
207-Mar-2012Dangling-bond logic gates on a Si(100)-(2×1)-H surfaceKawai, H.; Ample, F.; Wang, Q.; Yeo, Y.K.; Saeys, M. ; Joachim, C.