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Liming Yang
Yang, L.M.
Yang, L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2009Ab initio reaction path analysis for the initial hydrogen abstraction from organic acids by hydroxyl radicalsSun, W.; Yang, L. ; Yu, L. ; Saeys, M. 
2Feb-2012Characterization of organosulfates in atmospheric aerosols at Four Asian locationsStone, E.A.; Yang, L. ; Yu, L.E. ; Rupakheti, M.
3Dec-2010Characterization, purification, and stability of gold nanoparticlesBALASUBRAMANIAN SURESH KUMAR ; Yang, L. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. ; Ong, C.-N. ; Ong, W.-Y.; Yu, L.E. 
41-Jan-2021Comparative study of chemical characterization and source apportionment of PM2.5 in South China by filter-based and single particle analysisMao, Jingying; Yang, Liming ; Mo, Zhaoyu; Jiang, Zongkai; Krishnan, Padmaja ; Sarkar, Sayantan; Zhang, Qi; Chen, Weihua; Zhong, Buqing; Yang, Yuan; Jia, Shiguo; Wang, Xuemei
5Jul-2008Degradation of paracetamol in aqueous solutions by TiO2 photocatalysisYang, L. ; Yu, L.E. ; Ray, M.B.
6Jun-2007Effects of acid-washing filter treatment on quantification of aerosol organic compoundsYang, L. ; Lim, J.; Yu, L.E. 
72016Functionalized chitosan electrospun nanofiber for effective removal of trace arsenate from waterMin, L.-L; Zhong, L.-B; Zheng, Y.-M; Liu, Q; Yuan, Z.-H; Yang, L.-M 
8Oct-2013Impacts of biomass burning smoke on the distributions and concentrations of C2-C5 dicarboxylic acids and dicarboxylates in a tropical urban environmentYang, L. ; Nguyen, D.M.; Jia, S.; Reid, J.S.; Yu, L.E. 
915-Dec-2008Measurements of oxalic acid, oxalates, malonic acid, and malonates in atmospheric particulatesYang, L. ; Yu, L.E. 
1015-Jan-2009Photocatalytic oxidation of paracetamol: Dominant reactants, intermediates, and reaction mechanismsYang, L. ; Yu, L.E. ; Ray, M.B.
11Feb-2008Photooxidation of dicarboxylic acids-Part I: Effects of inorganic ions on degradation of azelaic acidYang, L. ; Ray, M.B. ; Yu, L.E. 
12Feb-2008Photooxidation of dicarboxylic acids-Part II: Kinetics, intermediates and field observationsYang, L. ; Ray, M.B. ; Yu, L.E. 
132008Potential photooxidation pathways of dicarboxylie acids in atmospheric dropletsYang, L.M. ; Yu, L.E. ; Ray, M.B.