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Weibiao Zhou
Dhamvithee, P., Zhou, W.
Zhou, W.
Zhou W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-May-2011A stability study of green tea catechins during the biscuit making processSharma, A.; Zhou, W. 
2Jan-2014A study of the effect of the drying process on the composition and physicochemical properties of flours obtained from durian fruits of two ripening stagesBai-Ngew, S.; Therdthai, N.; Dhamvithee, P.; Zhou, W. 
3Nov-2006A study of the mass transfer in osmotic dehydration of coated potato cubesKhin, M.M.; Zhou, W. ; Perera, C.O. 
42014A study on Bifidobacterium lactis Bb12 viability in bread during bakingZhang, L.; Huang, S.; Ananingsih, V.K.; Zhou, W. ; Chen, X.D.
515-Sep-2009Analysis of trans fatty acids in deep frying oils by three different approachesBansal, G.; Zhou, W. ; Tan, T.-W.; Neo, F.-L.; Lo, H.-L.
62015Anthocyanins During Baking: Their Degradation Kinetics and Impacts on Color and Antioxidant Capacity of BreadSui X.; Yap P.Y.; Zhou W. 
716-Sep-2013Antibacterial effect of light emitting diodes of visible wavelengths on selected foodborne pathogens at different illumination temperaturesGhate, V.S.; Ng, K.S.; Zhou, W. ; Yang, H. ; Khoo, G.H.; Yoon, W.-B.; Yuk, H.-G. 
8Jan-2005Application of FDM and FEM in solving the simultaneous heat and moisture transfer inside bread during bakingZhou, W. 
9Nov-2012Biocatalytic conversion of coconut oil to natural flavor esters optimized with response surface methodologySun, J.; Chin, J.H.; Zhou, W. ; Yu, B.; Curran, P.; Liu, S.-Q. 
102015Bread baking and its color kinetics modeled by the spatial reaction engineering approach (S-REA)Putranto A.; Chen X.D.; Zhou W. 
112015Can bread processing conditions alter glycaemic response?Lau E.; Soong Y.Y.; Zhou W. ; Henry J.
12Feb-2007CFD modeling of an industrial continuous bread-baking process involving U-movementWong, S.-Y.; Zhou, W. ; Hua, J.
1315-Sep-2012Characterisation of calamansi (Citrus microcarpa). Part I: Volatiles, aromatic profiles and phenolic acids in the peelCheong, M.W.; Chong, Z.S.; Liu, S.Q. ; Zhou, W. ; Curran, P.; Yu, B.
1415-Sep-2012Characterisation of calamansi (Citrus microcarpa). Part II: Volatiles, physicochemical properties and non-volatiles in the juiceCheong, M.W.; Zhu, D.; Sng, J.; Liu, S.Q. ; Zhou, W. ; Curran, P.; Yu, B.
151-Jun-2009Characterising the release of flavour compounds from chewing gum through HS-SPME analysis and mathematical modellingWong, S.W.; Yu, B.; Curran, P.; Zhou, W. 
162013Characteristics of soy sauce powders spray-dried using dairy whey proteins and maltodextrins as drying aidsWang, W.; Jiang, Y.; Zhou, W. 
17Apr-2009Characterization of microwave vacuum drying and hot air drying of mint leaves (Mentha cordifolia Opiz ex Fresen)Therdthai, N.; Zhou, W. 
18Apr-2012Characterization of spray-dried soy sauce powders using maltodextrins as carrierWang, W.; Zhou, W. 
19Jan-2012Characterization of the volatility of flavor compounds in alcoholic beverages through headspace solid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME) and mathematical modelingKhio, S.-W.; Cheong, M.-W.; Zhou, W. ; Curran, P.; Yu, B.
2015-Dec-2012Chemical composition and sensory profile of pomelo (Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck) juiceCheong, M.W.; Liu, S.Q. ; Zhou, W. ; Curran, P.; Yu, B.