Full Name
Marcelo H Ang
Ang Jr., M.
Ang Jr., Marcelo H.
Ang M.H., Jr.
Ang Jr., M.H.
Ang Jr, M.H.
Ang, M.H.
Ang Jr., A.
Ang, M.
Main Affiliation

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2014A Bayesian filtering approach to incorporate 2D/3D time-lapse confocal images for tracking angiogenic sprouting cells interacting with the gel matrixOng, L.L.S.; Dauwels, J.; Ang, M.H. ; Asada, H.H.
22Dec-2010A brain controlled wheelchair to navigate in familiar environmentsRebsamen, B. ; Guan, C.; Zhang, H.; Wang, C.; Teo, C.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Burdet, E.
32006A brain-controlled wheelchair based on P300 and path guidanceRebsamen, B. ; Burdet, E. ; Guan, C.; Zhang, H.; Teo, C.L. ; Zeng, Q.; Ang, M. ; Laugier, C.
4Mar-1997A compliant end-effector coupling for vertical assembly: Design and evaluationTian-Soon, S.; Ang Jr., A. ; Kah-Bin, L. 
52013A general framework for road marking detection and analysisQin, B.; Liu, W.; Shen, X.; Chong, Z.J.; Bandyopadhyay, T.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Frazzoli, E.; Rus, D.
62006A greedy strategy for tracking a locally predictable target among obstaclesBandyopadhyay, T.; Li, Y.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Hsu, D. 
72002A hybrid mobile robot architecture with integrated planning and controlLow, K.H. ; Leow, W.K. ; Ang Jr., M.H. 
8Sep-2002A mathematical model for a pneumatically actuated robotic fibre placement systemAlici, G.; Shirinzadeh, B.; McConville, A.; Foong, C.W.; Ang, M. 
91998A modal feedback control law for vibration control of multi-link flexible robotsYang, H.; Krishnan, H. ; Ang Jr., M.H. 
102005A new approach for mechatronic system design: Mechatronic design quotient (MDQ)Lu, R.X.; De Silva, C.W. ; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Poo, J.A.N.; Corporaal, H.
111-Jun-2021A novel link failure detection and switching algorithm for dissimilar redundant UAV communicationLau, Yan Han; Ang, Marcelo H., Jr. 
122014A Survey on Perception Methods for Human-Robot Interaction in Social RobotsYan, H.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Poo, A.N.
13Aug-2006A virtual reality simulator for remote interventional radiology: Concept and prototype designXin, M.; Lei, Z.; Volkau, I.; Weili, Z.; Aziz, A.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Nowinski, W.L.
142003Action selection for single- and multi-robot tasks using Cooperative Extended Kohonen MapsLow, K.H. ; Leow, W.K. ; Ang Jr., M.H. 
152003Action Selection in Continuous State and Action Spaces by Cooperation and Competition of Extended Kohonen MapsLow, K.H. ; Leow, W.K. ; Ang Jr., M.H. 
161996Active compliance control of a PUMA 560 robotShetty, Bharath Ram ; Ang Jr., Marcelo H. 
17Sep-2012Adaptive discriminative metric learning for facial expression recognitionYan, H.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Poo, A.N. 
182006Adaptive friction compensation using a velocity observerXia, Q.H.; Lim, S.Y.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Lim, T.M.
192004Adaptive joint friction compensation using a model-based operational space velocity observerXia, Q.H.; Lim, S.Y.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Lim, T.M.
202013Adaptive optimal control for linear discrete time-varying systemsGe, S.S. ; Wang, C.; Li, Y.; Lee, T.H. ; Ang Jr., M.H.