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Moser,Herbert Oskar
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Moser, Herbert Oskar
Moser, Herbert O
Moser, H.
Moser, H.O.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Dec-2009All-metal self-supported THz metamaterial - The meta-foilMoser, H.O. ; Jian, L.K. ; Chen, H.S.; Bahou, M. ; Kalaiselvi, S.M.P. ; Virasawmy, S. ; Maniam, S.M. ; Cheng, X.X.; Heussler, S.P. ; Mahmood, S.B. ; Wu, B.-I.
2Apr-2007Anneal-induced structural changes of GaIn(N)As/Ga(N)As multiple quantum wells grown by molecular beam epitaxyLiu, H.F. ; Xiang, N. ; Zhou, H.L.; Chua, S.J.; Yang, P. ; Moser, H.O. 
32015Anomalous spectral features of a neutral bilayer grapheneCheng, Mawcheng; Xie, Lanfei ; Pachoud, Alexandre ; Moser, Herbert O ; Chen, Wei ; Wee, Andrew; Castro Neto, Ant�nio H�lio Elio ; Tsuei, Kuding; �zyilmaz, Barbaros 
42007Deep X-ray lithography in the fabrication process of a 3D diffractive optical elementHeussler, S.P. ; Moser, H.O. ; Quan, C.G. ; Tay, C.J. ; Moeller, K.D.; Bahou, M. ; Jian, L.K. 
52007Development and applications of a Phase Contrast Imaging and Tomography facility (PCIT) at singapore synchrotron light sourceCholewa, M. ; Ping, Y. ; Ling, N.M.; Juan, L.Z. ; Hwu, Y.; Moser, H.O. 
62007Development of highly efficient and high speed X-ray detectors using modern nanomaterialsCholewa, M. ; Lau, S.P.; Xingyu, G. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Polak, W.; Lekki, J.; Stachura, Z.; Moser, H.O. 
7Jan-2003Edge-enhanced radiology with broadband synchrotron X-raysTsai, W.L.; Hsu, P.C.; Hwu, Y.; Je, J.H.; Ping, Y. ; Moser, H.O. ; Groso, A.; Margaritondo, G.
82009Effects and thermal stability of hydrogen microwave plasma treatment on tetrahedral amorphous carbon films by in situ ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopyChua, D.H.C. ; Hsieh, J.; Gao, X. ; Qi, D. ; Chen, S. ; Varghese, B. ; Sow, C.H. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Lu, J.; Loh, K.P. ; Yu, X. ; Moser, H.O. 
925-Apr-2011Experimental characterization of the coherence properties of hard x-ray sourcesPelliccia, D.; Nikulin, A.Y.; Moser, H.O. ; Nugent, K.A.
1011-Dec-2001Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) sources for lithography based on synchrotron radiationDattoli, G.; Doria, A.; Gallerano, G.P.; Giannessi, L.; Hesch, K.; Moser, H.O. ; Ottaviani, P.L.; Pellegrin, E.; Rossmanith, R.; Steininger, R.; Saile, V.; Wüst, J.
111-Apr-2006Fabrication and diagnostics of micro/nanodevices by means of synchrotron radiationMoser, H.O. ; Jian, L.K. ; Casse, B.D.F. ; Heussler, S.P. ; Bahou, M. ; Cholewa, M. ; Kong, J.R. ; Saw, B.T. ; Mahmood, S.B. ; Yang, P. 
121-Apr-2006Fabrication of 2D and 3D electromagnetic metamaterials for the terahertz rangeCasse, B.D.F. ; Moser, H.O. ; Jian, L.K. ; Bahou, M. ; Wilhelmi, O.; Saw, B.T. ; Gu, P.D. 
1321-Dec-2004Finite-length field error and its compensation in superconducting miniundulatorsMoser, H.O. ; Diao, C.Z. 
142009Free-space electromagnetic metamaterials from the far infrared to the visibleMoser, H.O. ; Jian, L. ; Bahou, M. ; Casse, B.D.F.; Kalaiselvi, S.M.P. ; Liu, G. ; Maniam, S.M. ; Gu, P. ; Chen, A. ; Heussler, S.P. ; Mahmood, S.B. ; Wen, L. ; Kong, J.A.; Chen, H.; Xiangxiang, C.; Wu, B.-I.
151-Sep-2008Free-standing THz electromagnetic metamaterialsMoser, H.O. ; Kong, J.A.; Jian, L.K. ; Chen, H.S.; Liu, G. ; Bahou, M. ; Kalaiselvi, S.M.P. ; Maniam, S.M. ; Cheng, X.X.; Wu, B.I.; Gu, P.D. ; Chen, A. ; Heusslerl, S.P.; Bin Mahmood, S. ; Wen, L. 
162010Geometry-function relationships in meta-foilsMoser, H.O. ; Jian, L.K. ; Chen, H.S.; Kalaiselvi, S.M.P. ; Virasawmy, S. ; Cheng, X.X.; Banas, A. ; Banas, K. ; Heussler, S.P. ; Bahou, M.; Wu, B.-I.; Hua, W.; Yi, Z.
172009High aspect ratio metamaterials for enhanced tunability and sensitivityChiam, S.-Y. ; Bahou, M. ; Moser, H.O. ; Gu, J.; Singh, R.; Zhang, W.; Han, J. ; Bettiol, A.A. 
18Jul-2007High resolution 3-dimensional tomography with X-rays at Singapore synchrotron light sourceCholewa, M. ; Ping, Y. ; Ling, N.M.; Juan, L.Z. ; Moser, H.O. ; Hwu, Y.; Gureyev, T.E.
191-Aug-2005High-resolution synchrotron X-ray reflectivity study of the density of plasma-treated ultra low-k filmsYang, P. ; Lu, D.; Murthy, B.R.; Moser, H.O. 
20Dec-2004Imaging cells and tissues with refractive index radiologyHwu, Y.; Tsai, W.L.; Chang, H.M.; Yeh, H.I.; Hsu, P.C.; Yang, Y.C.; Su, Y.T.; Tsai, H.L.; Chow, G.M. ; Ho, P.C. ; Li, S.C. ; Moser, H.O. ; Yang, P. ; Seol, S.K.; Kim, C.C.; Je, J.H.; Stefanekova, E.; Groso, A.; Margaritondo, G.