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Han Jiaguang
(not current staff)
Han, J.
Jiaguang, H.
Han, J.-G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A close-ring pair terahertz metamaterial resonating at normal incidenceGu, J.; Han, J. ; Lu, X.; Singh, R.; Tian, Z.; Xing, Q.; Zhang, W.
214-Sep-2009Broadband resonant terahertz transmission in a composite metal-dielectric structureHan, J. ; Gu, J.; Lu, X.; He, M.; Xing, Q.; Zhang, W.
32010Cryogenic temperatures as a path toward high- Q terahertz metamaterialsSingh, R.; Tian, Z.; Han, J. ; Rockstuhl, C.; Gu, J.; Zhang, W.
42009High aspect ratio metamaterials for enhanced tunability and sensitivityChiam, S.-Y. ; Bahou, M. ; Moser, H.O. ; Gu, J.; Singh, R.; Zhang, W.; Han, J. ; Bettiol, A.A. 
52009Increased frequency shifts in high aspect ratio terahertz split ring resonatorsChiam, S.-Y. ; Singh, R.; Gu, J.; Han, J. ; Zhang, W.; Bettiol, A.A. 
67-Jun-2010Large dynamic resonance transition between surface plasmon and localized surface plasmon modesTian, Z.; Azad, A.K.; Lu, X.; Gu, J.; Han, J. ; Xing, Q.; Taylor, A.J.; O'Hara, J.F.; Zhang, W.
71-May-2009Magnetic and magnetothermal tunabilities of subwavelength-hole arrays in a semiconductor sheetHan, J. ; Lakhtakia, A.; Tian, Z.; Lu, X.; Zhang, W.
8Sep-2011Negative refractive index in chiral spiral metamaterials at terahertz frequenciesHe, M.; Han, J. ; Tian, Z.; Gu, J.; Xing, Q.
92010Planar terahertz metamaterial at cryogenic temperaturesSingh, R.; Tian, Z.; Han, J. ; Rockstuhl, C.; Gu, J.; Zhang, W.
102010Planar terahertz metamaterial at cryogenic temperaturesSingh, R.; Tian, Z.; Han, J. ; Rockstuhl, C.; Gu, J.; Zhang, W.
1121-Jan-2008Probing negative refractive index of metamaterials by terahertz time-domain spectroscopyJiaguang, H. 
122007Resonant excitation of terahertz surface plasmons in subwavelength metal holesZhang, W.; Azad, A.K.; Han, J. 
132008Resonant terahertz reflection of periodic arrays of subwavelength metallic rectanglesLu, X.; Han, J. ; Zhang, W.
14Feb-2009Semiconductor split-ring resonators for thermally tunable terahertz metamaterialsHan, J. ; Lakhtakia, A.
152008Spectral properties of thick split ring resonators in the THz regimeChiam, S.-Y. ; Han, J. ; Singh, R.; Zhang, W.; Osipowicz, T. ; Bettiol, A.A. 
162009Study of optical and dielectric properties of annealed ZnO nanoparticles in the terahertz regimeWang, M.-W.; Woo, B.K.; Tian, Z.; Han, J.-G. ; Chen, W.; Zhang, W.-L.
1716-Jun-2009Surface plasmon enhanced terahertz spectroscopic distinguishing between isotopesTian, Z.; Han, J. ; Lu, X.; Gu, J.; Xing, Q.; Zhang, W.
1813-Nov-2008Terahertz dielectric properties of MgO nanocrystalsHan, J. ; Woo, B.K.; Chen, W.; Sang, M.; Lu, X.; Zhang, W.
1915-Sep-2008Terahertz metamaterials with semiconductor split-ring resonators for magnetostatic tunabilityHan, J. ; Lakhtakia, A.; Qiu, C.-W. 
202008Terahertz response of bulk and nanostructured ZnOHan, J. ; Chen, W.; Zhang, J.; He, M.; Azad, A.K.; Ray, S.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, W.