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Andrew Anthony Bettiol
Bettio, A.A.
Bettiol, A.
Bettiol, A.A.
Bettio, A.
Bettiol, Andrew Anthony
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Jan-20032 MeV proton channeling contrast microscopy of LEO GaN thin film structuresOsipowicz, T. ; Teo, E.J. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Watt, F. ; Hao, M.S.; Chua, S.J.
2Jul-2001A LabVIEW™-based scanning and control system for proton beam micromachiningBettiol, A.A. ; Van Kan, J.A. ; Sum, T.C. ; Watt, F. 
39-Aug-2011A microfluidic chip with integrated colloidal crystal for online optical analysisHoi, S.-K. ; Chen, X.; Kumar, V.S.; Homhuan, S.; Sow, C.-H. ; Bettiol, A.A. 
41-Nov-2010A microfluidic device with integrated optics for microparticle switchingHoi, S.-K. ; Hu, Z.-B.; Yan, Y.; Sow, C.-H. ; Bettiol, A.A. 
5Jul-2007A Monte Carlo study of the extent of proximity effects in e-beam and p-beam writing of PMMAUdalagama, C.N.B. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Watt, F. 
615-Jun-2009A new data acquisition and imaging system for nuclear microscopy based on a Field Programmable Gate Array cardBettiol, A.A. ; Udalagama, C. ; Watt, F. 
7Aug-2012A new technology for revealing the flow profile in integrated lab-on-a-chipLiu, T.-C.; Wohland, T. ; Watt, F. ; Bettiol, A. ; Udalagama, C. ; Wang, L.-P.
8Apr-2005A progress review of proton beam writing applications in microphotonicsBettiol, A.A. ; Sum, T.C. ; Cheong, F.C. ; Sow, C.H. ; Venugopal Rao, S. ; Van Kan, J.A. ; Teo, E.J. ; Ansari, K. ; Watt, F. 
92010A silicon-based technology for the fabrication of smooth optical devicesTeo, E.J.; Xiong, B.Q.; Breese, M.B.H. ; Bettiol, A.A. 
1015-Jun-2009Advanced applications in microphotonics using proton beam writingBettiol, A.A. ; Chiam, S.Y. ; Teo, E.J. ; Udalagama, C. ; Chan, S.F.; Hoi, S.K. ; van Kan, J.A. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Watt, F. 
112008An all-silicon channel waveguide fabricated using direct proton beam writingTeo, E.J. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Yang, P.Y.; Mashanovich, G.Z.; Headley, W.R.; Reed, G.T.; Blackwood, D.J.
1226-Apr-2010An all-silicon, single-mode Bragg cladding rib waveguideTeo, E.J. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Xiong, B.; Breese, M.B.H. ; Shuvan, P.T.
13Apr-2005An automatic beam focusing system for MeV protonsUdalagama, C.N.B. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Van Kan, J.A. ; Teo, E.J. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Watt, F. 
142013An ion beam analysis software based on ImageJUdalagama, C. ; Chen, X.; Bettiol, A.A. ; Watt, F. 
1526-Oct-2009Analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency in a terahertz metamaterialChiam, S.-Y. ; Singh, R.; Rockstuhl, C.; Lederer, F.; Zhang, W.; Bettiol, A.A. 
16Sep-2001Analysis of high-power devices using proton beam induced charge microscopyZmeck, M.; Phang, J. ; Bettiol, A. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Watt, F. ; Balk, L.; Niedernostheide, F.-J.; Schulze, H.-J.; Falck, E.; Barthelmess, R.
17Dec-2012Buried channel waveguides in KTiOPO 4 nonlinear crystal fabricated by focused He + beam writingDong, N.; Yao, Y.; Jia, Y.; Chen, F.; Vanga, S.K.; Bettiol, A.A. ; Lu, Q.
18Jul-2001Channeling contrast microscopy on lateral epitaxial overgrown GaNTeo, E.J. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Watt, F. ; Hao, M.S.; Chua, S.J.
1920-Mar-2002Characteristics of CVD diamond films in detecting UV, x-ray and alpha particleAhn, J.; Gan, B.; Zhang, Q.; Rusli; Yoon, S.F.; Ligatchev, V.; Wang, S.-G.; Huang, Q.-F.; Chew, K.; Patran, A.-C.; Serban, A.; Liu, M.-H.; Lee, S.; Bettiol, A.A. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Watt, F. 
207-Oct-2008Characterization of channel waveguides and tunable microlasers in SU8 doped with rhodamine B fabricated using proton beam writingVenugopal Rao, S.; Bettiol, A.A. ; Watt, F.