Full Name
Weng Khuen Ho
Ho, W.-K.
Ho, Weng-Khuen
Khuen, Ho Weng
Ho, M.
Ho, Weng Khuen
Khuen Ho, W.
Ho, W.Y.
Khuen, H.W.
Ho, W.K.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000A benchtop plant for evaluation of flexible structure control methodologiesBin, L.; Ho, W.K. ; Lim, K.W. ; Sin, K.K. 
2Jul-1994A comparison of two design methods for PID controllersHang, C.C. ; Ho, W.K. ; Cao, L.S.
32007A distributed co-evolutionary particle Swarm Optimization AlgorithmLiu, D.S.; Tan, K.C. ; Ho, W.K. 
4Feb-2007A multiobjective memetic algorithm based on particle swarm optimizationLiu, D.; Tan, K.C. ; Goh, C.K.; Ho, W.K. 
5Jul-1996A novel relay auto-tuning technique for processes with integrationHo, W.K. ; Feng, E.B. ; Gan, O.P.
62004A novel wafer baking system using hot air streamsLan, W.; Loong, C.S.; Poh, L.A. ; Ming, G.Z.; Wan, T.W. ; Tay, A. ; Khuen, H.W. 
72004A Robust Strategy for Joint Data Reconciliation and Parameter EstimationJoe, Y.Y.; Wang, D.; Ching, C.B.; Tay, A. ; Ho, W.K. ; Romagnoli, J.
8Feb-2007An in situ approach to real-time spatial control of steady-state wafer temperature during thermal processing in microlithographyTay, A. ; Ho, W.K. ; Hu, N.
9Aug-1993Automatic tuning and adaptation for PID controllers - a surveyÅström, K.J.; Hägglund, T.; Hang, C.C. ; Ho, W.K. 
102008CD uniformity control via real-time control of photoresist propertiesChen, M.; Fu, J. ; Ho, W.K. ; Tay, A. 
11Feb-2005Characterizing photolithographic linewidth sensitivity to process temperature variations for advanced resists using a thermal arraySchaper, C.D.; El-Awady, K.; Kailath, T.; Tay, A. ; Lee, L.L.; Ho, W.K. ; Fuller, S.E.
122007Clustering intelligent sensor nodes for distributed fault detection & diagnosisJoe, Y.Y.; Ho, W.K. ; Lim, K.W. ; Ding, Z.Q.; Zhang, J.B.; Ling, K.V.; Romagnoli, J.A.
131993Comparison of two design methods for PID controllersHang, C.C. ; Ho, W.K. ; Cao, L.S.
14Feb-2004Constraint feedforward control for thermal processing of quartz photomasks in microelectronics manufacturingTay, A. ; Ho, W.K. ; Schaper, C.D.; Lee, L.L.
15Feb-2005Context-based recognition of process states using neural networksSrinivasan, R. ; Wang, C.; Ho, W.K. ; Lim, K.W. 
162002Control and signal processing for photoresist processing in microlithographyTay, A. ; Ho, W.K. ; Lim, K.W. ; Loh, A.P. ; Tan, W.W. 
171999Control of an integrated bake/chill systemLoh, A.P. ; Huang, A. ; Tan, W.W. ; Lim, K.W. ; Ho, W.K. 
1815-Jan-2006Control of photoresist film thickness: Iterative feedback tuning approachTay, A. ; Khuen Ho, W. ; Deng, J.; Keng Lok, B.
1919-Apr-2018Coordinate control of air movement for optimal thermal comfortShuo LIU; LE YIN; Stefano Schiavon; Weng Khuen Ho ; Ling Keck Voon
20Dec-2008Critical dimension and real-time temperature control for warped wafersHo, W.K. ; Tay, A. ; Fu, J. ; Chen, M.; Feng, Y.