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11-Jan-2020Worldwide validation of 8 satellite-derived and reanalysis solar radiation products: A preliminary evaluation and overall metrics for hourly data over 27 yearsYang, D; Bright, JM 
21-Jan-2021Worldwide performance assessment of 95 direct and diffuse clear-sky irradiance models using principal component analysisSun, X; Bright, JM ; Gueymard, CA; Bai, X; Acord, B; Wang, P
3May-2010Wire bonding as a cell interconnection technique for polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on glassGress, P.J.; Widenborg, P.I. ; Varlamov, S.; Aberle, A.G. 
41-Jun-2017Whole blood sequencing reveals circulating microRNA associations with high-risk traits in non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromeWang, Alice; Kwee, Lydia Coulter; Grass, Elizabeth; Neely, Megan L; Gregory, Simon G; Fox, Keith AA; Armstrong, Paul W; White, Harvey D; Ohman, E Magnus; Roe, Matthew T; Shah, Svati H; Chan, Mark Y 
52015What parameters can be reliably deduced from the current-voltage characteristics of an organic bulk-heterojunction solar cell?Set, Y.T. ; Zhang, T. ; Birgersson, E. ; Luther, J.
62015Wet-chemical surface texturing of sputter-deposited ZnO:Al films as front electrode for thin-film silicon solar cellsYan X. ; Venkataraj S. ; Aberle A.G. 
7Apr-2009Wafer-level BCB bonding using a thermal press for microfluidicsZhou, X.; Virasawmy, S. ; Quan, C. 
81-Nov-2021Visual impact assessment of coloured Building-integrated photovoltaics on retrofitted building facades using saliency mappingSun, H; Heng, CK ; Reindl, T ; Lau, SSY
92015Very short term irradiance forecasting using the lassoYang, Dazhi ; Ye, Zhen; Lim, Li Hong Idris; Dong, Zibo
101-Nov-2013Vertically mounted bifacial photovoltaic modules: A global analysisGuo, S.; Walsh, T.M. ; Peters, M.
111-Jan-2020Verification of deterministic solar forecastsYang, D; Alessandrini, S; Antonanzas, J; Antonanzas-Torres, F; Badescu, V; Beyer, HG; Blaga, R; Boland, J; Bright, JM ; Coimbra, CFM; David, M; Frimane, Â; Gueymard, CA; Hong, T; Kay, MJ; Killinger, S; Kleissl, J; Lauret, P; Lorenz, E; van der Meer, D; Paulescu, M; Perez, R; Perpiñán-Lamigueiro, O; Peters, IM; Reikard, G; Renné, D; Saint-Drenan, YM; Shuai, Y; Urraca, R; Verbois, H; Vignola, F; Voyant, C; Zhang, J
122012V oc saturation effect in high-temperature hydrogenated polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cellsHidayat, H.; Widenborg, P.I. ; Aberle, A.G. 
132012Use of LiFePO4 batteries in stand-alone solar systemWang, X. ; Adelmann, P.; Reindl, T. 
14Oct-2023Unlocking the full potential of monolithic perovskite/biPoly™ Si tandem devices through in-depth analysis and detailed engineeringWang, Puqun ; Liu, Tianyuan ; Nakka, Laxmi; Aberle, Armin G ; Lin, Fen 
152013Unexpectedly high etching rate of highly doped n-type crystalline silicon in hydrofluoric acidLiu, L.; Lin, F. ; Heinrich, M.; Aberle, A.G. ; Hoex, B. 
162012Uncertainty in photoluminescence-based effective carrier lifetime measurementsHameiri, Z. ; McIntosh, K.R.; Trupke, T.
172013Uncertainty in photoconductance measurements of the emitter saturation currentThomson, A.F.; Hameiri, Z. ; Grant, N.E.; Price, C.J.; Di, Y.; Spurgin, J.
182015Ultrathin carbon with interspersed graphene/fullerene-like nanostructures: A durable protective overcoat for high density magnetic storageDwivedi, N ; Satyanarayana, N ; Yeo, R.J ; Xu, H ; Ping Loh, K ; Tripathy, S; Bhatia, C.S 
192012Ultrafine and high aspect ratio metal lines by electron beam lithography for silicon solar cell metallisationLiao, B.; Aberle, A.G. ; Mueller, T.; Verma, L.K. ; Danner, A.J. ; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S. 
201-Nov-2018Ultra-Thin GaAs Double-Junction Solar Cell With Carbon-Doped EmitterRen, Zekun ; Thway, Maung ; Liu, Zhe ; Wang, Yue ; Ke, Cangming ; Yaung, Kevin N; Wang, Bing; Tan, Chuan Seng ; Lin, Fen ; Aberle, Armin G ; Buonassisi, Tonio; Peters, Ian Marius