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120-Jan-2020Bright-Sun: A globally applicable 1-min irradiance clear-sky detection modelJAMES MATTHEW BRIGHT ; XIXI SUN; CHRISTIAN A. GUEYMARD; BRENDAN ACORD; PENG WANG; NICHOLAS A. ENGERER
219-Nov-2021Data article: Full disk real-time Himawari-8/9 satellite AHI imagery from JAXASun, Xixi; Gnanamuthu, Sasikala ; Zagade, Nilesh; Wang, Peng; Bright, Jamie M 
31-Jul-2020Estimating the spatiotemporal potential of self-consuming photovoltaic energy to charge electric vehicles in rural and urban Nordic areasShepero, M; Lingfors, D; Widén, J; Bright, JM ; Munkhammar, J
417-Feb-2020irradpy: Python package for MERRA-2 download, extraction and usage for clear-sky irradiance modellingJAMES MATTHEW BRIGHT ; Xinyu Bai; Yue Zhang; Xixi Sun; Brendan Acord; Peng Wang
51-Jan-2020Verification of deterministic solar forecastsYang, D; Alessandrini, S; Antonanzas, J; Antonanzas-Torres, F; Badescu, V; Beyer, HG; Blaga, R; Boland, J; Bright, JM ; Coimbra, CFM; David, M; Frimane, Â; Gueymard, CA; Hong, T; Kay, MJ; Killinger, S; Kleissl, J; Lauret, P; Lorenz, E; van der Meer, D; Paulescu, M; Perez, R; Perpiñán-Lamigueiro, O; Peters, IM; Reikard, G; Renné, D; Saint-Drenan, YM; Shuai, Y; Urraca, R; Verbois, H; Vignola, F; Voyant, C; Zhang, J
61-Jan-2021Worldwide performance assessment of 95 direct and diffuse clear-sky irradiance models using principal component analysisSun, X; Bright, JM ; Gueymard, CA; Bai, X; Acord, B; Wang, P
71-Jan-2020Worldwide validation of 8 satellite-derived and reanalysis solar radiation products: A preliminary evaluation and overall metrics for hourly data over 27 yearsYang, D; Bright, JM